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Motorola PC*MILER I355 User Manual

Navigation application for nextel java phone.
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PC*MILER | Mobile
Powered by Motorola
Navigation Application for Nextel Java
Phone i355
Standard User Guide
for Corporate Customers
System Release 3.0.xx


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   Summary of Contents for Motorola PC*MILER I355

  • Page 1

    PC*MILER | Mobile Powered by Motorola Navigation Application for Nextel Java Phone i355 Standard User Guide for Corporate Customers System Release 3.0.xx TECHNOLOGY THAT DRIVES TRANSPORTATION...

  • Page 2

    © Motorola, Inc. 2005. All rights reserved. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © ALK Technologies, Inc. 2005. All rights reserved.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ....................1 Overview ..............................1 Device Requirements..........................2 Minimum Memory Requirements for i355....................2 Verifying Phone Software ........................3 Upgrading Phone Software ........................3 PC*MILER ® |Mobile Product End-User License Agreement...............4 i355 PC*MILER|Mobile Features ......................9 GETTING STARTED WITH PC*MILER|Mobile ..........10 Setting the PC*MILER|Mobile Option Key ..................10 GPS Privacy Settings..........................10 SETTING UP THE DEVICE ................

  • Page 4

    Following Voice Guidance ........................26 Suspending PC*MILER|Mobile for Incoming Calls ................27 Suspending PC*MILER|Mobile for Outgoing Calls................28 Exiting PC*MILER|Mobile........................28 PC*MILER|Mobile WEB SITE................29 Introduction .............................29 My PC*MILER|Mobile Home Page ......................30 PC*MILER|Mobile TRACKING ................33 Overview ..............................33 Tracking Web Page ..........................33 Setting Tracking Options on the Device....................34 TROUBLESHOOTING ..................

  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Overview PC*MILER|Mobile is a portable navigation system that provides step-by-step voice guidance to your selected destination. This series of driving instructions are delivered to your global positioning system (GPS)-enabled cell phone. The PC*MILER|Mobile solution transforms GPS, data-capable mobile phones into in-vehicle personal navigation systems that guide drivers to their next stop over truck drivable streets and roads.

  • Page 6: Device Requirements

    • More than 100 million addresses • More than 7 million miles of North American roadway • More than 5 million points of interest, including weigh stations, truck stops, and truck washes Device Requirements Your i355 phone’s software must be R4A.00.01 or higher to be compatible with PC*MILER|Mobile.

  • Page 7: Verifying Phone Software

    In the top navigation bar, click on Services and select Ring Tones, Games & Apps. Scroll down to the Getting Phone Software Upgrades and Restoring Preloads section and click on the Motorola Web site link. Select the utility for the i355 phone. Power on your phone.

  • Page 8: Pc*miler ® |mobile Product End-user License Agreement

    Connect your phone-to-PC serial or USB data cable from your Windows computer to your phone to install the updated software. Follow the iDEN Update Application Software prompts and screens to update your phone’s software. PC*MILER |Mobile Product End-User License Agreement ®...

  • Page 9

    A user who wishes to keep their current location private should not use the PC*MILER | Mobile service. Motorola is not responsible for any financial loss, or other incidental or consequential damage arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this product. This includes damage to property and, to the extent permitted by law, damages for personal injury and death.

  • Page 10

    It is protected by copyright, and is subject to the following terms and conditions which are agreed to by the user on the one hand, and Motorola and its licensors (including their licensors and suppliers) on the other hand.

  • Page 11

    Restrictions. Except where the User has been specifically licensed to do so by Motorola, and without limiting the preceding paragraph, the User may not (a) use this Data with any products, systems, or applications installed or otherwise connected to or in communication with vehicles, capable of vehicle navigation, positioning, dispatch, real time route guidance, fleet management or similar applications;...

  • Page 12

    Indemnity. The User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Motorola and its licensors (including their respective licensors, suppliers, assignees, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and the respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders,...

  • Page 13: I355 Pc*miler|mobile Features

    i355 PC*MILER|Mobile Features The following diagram illustrates the i355 features that are used in operating PC*MILER|Mobile. Destination Name, Press to Distance, Travel Time Adjust Volume (when prompts are spoken) Next Turn Onto Distance to Next Turn Current Street/Road Press to Decline/ Go Back/Exit Press to Accept/ Select/Run...

  • Page 14: Getting Started With Pc*miler|mobile

    Getting Started with PC*MILER|Mobile Setting the PC*MILER|Mobile Option Key You can change the names and actions of the phone’s two option keys (the buttons on the top right and left of the navigation key), the power up application, and the ordering of items in the Menu.

  • Page 15

    The Unrestricted setting allows all applications to obtain the GPS position information. The Restricted setting prevents any application from obtaining the GPS position information. PC*MILER|Mobile User’s Guide...

  • Page 16: Setting Up The Device

    Setting Up the Device Introduction To effectively use PC*MILER|Mobile in your vehicle, you should: • Change phone settings for best in-vehicle use before you first run PC*MILER|Mobile • Place your phone as close to the windshield as possible • Power your phone from the vehicle Phone Settings Following are suggested changes to your phone’s settings to make PC*MILER|Mobile easier to use when driving.

  • Page 17: Phone Placement

    • The GPS unit inside the device will provide the best performance possible. Power adapters for the i355 can be purchased from resellers of iDEN accessories, from Nextel ( or Nextel dealers, or directly from Motorola ( PC*MILER|Mobile User’s Guide...

  • Page 18: Using Pc*miler|mobile

    Using PC*MILER|Mobile Launching the Application NEXTEL This section covers the start-up screens when you press 12:12 pm 3/22 the button under PC*Miler|Mobile on the Nextel screen. Note: PC*Miler|Mobile is followed by the device … … PC*Miler Contcs model number (i355). …...

  • Page 19

    PC*MILER|Mobile then displays a message, asking you to grant permission to read user data permissions. Press the button under Grant. PC*Miler|Mobilei355 Request Read User Data Permissions PC*MILER|Mobile displays a message, asking you to Grant Deny grant permission to read user location data. Press the OK button.

  • Page 20

    Login Login Logging in as xxxx... PC*MILER|Mobile then displays a series of Initializing screens while your personal settings and address book are downloaded. Note: If this is the first time you are using the application, PC*MILER|Mobile displays the Audio Initializing Initializing Update screen, stating the audio needs to be installed.

  • Page 21: Setting A Destination Using Address Book

    Setting a Destination Using Address Book This section covers the screens you see when selecting PC*Miler|Mobile PC*Miler|Mobile Use Address Book and pressing the button under Use Address Book SELECT. Search Directory Change Options The Address Book allows you to select destination Help addresses you already have listed in your address book, save your current position as an address entry to your...

  • Page 22

    Zip Code Zip Code PC*MILER|Mobile displays the Zip Code screen. Zip Code Use the unit’s keypad to enter the destination’s zip code. Press the button under OK. PC*MILER|Mobile attempts to resolve the zip code. If successful, PC*MILER|Mobile displays the … …...

  • Page 23

    To add your current position to your address Address Book Address Book book, highlight Save Position and press the button New Address under SELECT. Save Position -------- Address Entry #1 Address Entry #2 PC*MILER|Mobile attempts to obtain your current position. Once your current position is sent to the server, SELECT BACK...

  • Page 24: Setting A Destination Using Search Directory

    Setting a Destination Using Search Directory PC*Miler|Mobile PC*Miler|Mobile This section covers the screens you see when Use Address Book Search Directory highlighting Search Directory and pressing the button Change Options under SELECT. Help The directory search allows you to find a restaurant, gas station, or other place of interest and then access directions and guidance instructions.

  • Page 25

    Note: If you selected Current Position, and your Search Center current position cannot be found, PC*MILER|Mobile New Address displays a No Results screen with a message stating Save Position -------- “Current position is not available. GPS signals may Address Entry #1 be blocked”...

  • Page 26: Changing Routing Options

    Changing Routing Options This section covers the screens you see when you PC*Miler|Mobile PC*Miler|Mobile highlight Change Options and press the button under Use Address Book SELECT. Search Directory Change Options This feature allows you to change the default settings Help on preparing a route.

  • Page 27

    When you press the button under SELECT, Configure Options PC*MILER|Mobile displays the Configure Options Route Guidance screen. Auto Reroute Tracking Tracking Preferences To change route guidance options, with Route Unit System Guidance highlighted, press the button under SELECT. SELECT BACK PC*MILER|Mobile displays the Route Guidance screen, where you can select the option you want to change.

  • Page 28

    Configure Options To change auto reroute settings, highlight Auto Route Guidance Reroute and press the button under SELECT. Auto Reroute Tracking Tracking Preferences PC*MILER|Mobile displays the Auto Reroute screen. Unit System Press the button under SELECT. BACK SELECT PC*MILER|Mobile displays a second Auto Reroute screen.

  • Page 29

    Press the button under BACK. VIAMOTO Tracking Tracking Use Address Book PC*MILER|Mobile returns to the Configure Options Search Directory Check Traffic screen. Change Origin Note: When you exit the Configure Options screen, the system displays a Confirmation screen. To save EXIT SELECT SELECT...

  • Page 30: Accessing Help

    Accessing Help PC*Miler|Mobile PC*Miler|Mobile PC*MILER|Mobile provides information about how to Use Address Book contact technical support and how to access frequently Search Directory Change Options asked questions. Help Highlight Help and press the button under SELECT. … … … EXIT SELECT …...

  • Page 31: Suspending Pc*miler|mobile For Incoming Calls

    PC*MILER|Mobile indicates the next maneuver to make. Navigating Navigating Note: To repeat the audio directions, you can press the HOME 12.8 mi 18 min button under REPEAT. CENTRAL AVE As you approach a turn, PC*MILER|Mobile displays the decreasing distance to the turn. 1.3 mi COLTER ST Note: If you make an improper turn,...

  • Page 32: Suspending Pc*miler|mobile For Outgoing Calls

    Suspending PC*MILER|Mobile for Outgoing Calls There are two ways to make a call while using PC*MILER|Mobile. NEXTEL To make a general call, press the red End button 12:12 pm 3/22 twice. The system suspends PC*MILER|Mobile. Make your call. When the call has ended, on the Nextel screen, press the button under PC*Miler|Mobile.

  • Page 33: Pc*miler|mobile Web Site

    PC*MILER|Mobile Web Site Introduction Instead of using your i355 phone to enter destinations into your address book, you can use the PC*MILER|Mobile Web site to search for and enter destinations and to set destination addresses. The Web site is located at Click on the Login link. PC*MILER|Mobile Homepage PC*MILER|Mobile User’s Guide...

  • Page 34: My Pc*miler|mobile Home Page

    My PC*MILER|Mobile Home Page From the My PC*MILER|Mobile Home Page, you can manage your PC*MILER|Mobile application, conducting many of the tasks you also can complete on your phone. In addition you can plan a trip, set preferences, change your password, set up and manage groups of users, and track trip progress. Address Book lists entries in your PC*MILER|Mobile address list, which display on the Address Book screen.

  • Page 35

    location, or within a defined area or on a specific street. You also can display a map of multiple entries. Preferences allow you to add or remove categories from the list of directory search categories that display on your phone. Configure Options allows you to choose the routing options appropriate for your vehicle and auto reroute preferences.

  • Page 36

    Notes PC*MILER|Mobile User’s Guide...

  • Page 37: Pc*miler|mobile Tracking

    PC*MILER|Mobile Tracking Overview Web-based driver tracking is an optional feature available from PC*MILER|Mobile. The tracking system enables dispatchers to track any number of vehicles on a map, which can aid in efficiently assigning loads or jobs, responding to emergency pickups, and providing customers of real-time arrival information. The PC*MILER|Mobile application records the position of the device, which then can be tracked visually on the PC*MILER|Mobile Web site.

  • Page 38: Setting Tracking Options On The Device

    Clicking on the red locator dot on the map displays the latitude/longitude of the user's most current position. Clicking on the user's Address link displays the address of the user's most current position. Note: If the user has pop-up blocker on his/her Web browser, the tracking window will not display.

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Error Messages The following error messages may be encountered when you log on: • Initial user/password must be set, Login failed: Fail to logon: Incorrect user name or password, or Login failed: User is not valid subscriber. The application has not been properly set up for use.

  • Page 40: Technical Support

    The following error message may be encountered when you are downloading voice files: • Unable to complete loading operation. The application does not have the available space to download new voice files. Remove unneeded voice recordings and try again. Technical Support To contact PC*MILER|Mobile with technical issues, send an email to

  • Page 41: Faqs

    Q. What PC*MILER|Mobile? PC*MILER|Mobile is the industry standard for point-to-point highway routing, mileage, and mapping software. PC*MILER|Mobile is software from Motorola that tur ns phones and other wireless devices into portable navigation systems and information guides. It provides automated turn-by-turn voice instructions along your route to guide you to your destination.

  • Page 42

    Global Positioning System (GPS) Q. What is GPS? A. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite positioning system. A constellation of satellites broadcasts signals around the world that can be used by GPS receivers to determine positions using triangulation. The signals are free and can be received anywhere on Earth where there is a clear view of the sky.

  • Page 43

    • The Restricted setting prevents any application from obtaining the GPS position information. • The Unrestricted setting allows all applications to obtain the GPS position information. • The By Permission setting triggers a question to the user when an application tries to obtain the GPS position information.

  • Page 44

    • By using Enter Address to enter the destination address using the keypad. Tap the ‘2’ key once to select ‘A’, twice to select ‘B’, and so on. • You can login to the PC*MILER|Mobile Web site to add addresses to your Address Book.

  • Page 45

    Q. I’m not sure about the address associated to an address book entry. Can I preview the information associated with a specific contact name on my phone? A. Yes, go to the PC*MILER|Mobile address book, highlight the address entry you want to preview and press the OK button.

  • Page 46

    Q. Why do I hear “You have left the route” when I have not? A. The inaccuracy of the map data and the GPS results may cause the device to think that it is not on the planned route. If you have not left the route, do not press the button under REROUTE and the device should resume guidance momentarily.

  • Page 47

    Q. What happens if I can’t connect to the cellular network? A. Once the route is downloaded it is stored in the phone memory, the cellular connection terminates. The only time you need connection to the cellular network is when you request a new route or other service. PC*MILER|Mobile Group Management and Tracking Q.

  • Page 48

    Notes PC*MILER|Mobile User’s Guide...

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