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Epson Continuous Ink Supply System Installation Instructions Manual page 8

For epson stylus photo r200/r210/r300/r310
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Keep the reservoir bottles on the same level with the printer.
2. Try to keep at least 1/2 inch of ink in the bottles, as you don't want to run out
of ink and draw air into the cartridge.
3. Don't place the Reservoir Bottles higher or lower much than the printer.
4. To be used in a dry place between 15 and 35 degree. Avoid exposure to direct
5. Don't put the continuous ink supply systems reversed or leaning during the
shipment. Please make sure all the ink filling holes and Ventilation holes are
closed tightly during the transportation. Otherwise, the ink shall leak out.
6. Don't sway the cartridge frequently. It may cause ink leakage.
7. Don't pull out the connector of cartridge and don't tear off adhesive tape at the
bottom of cartridge.
1. Not drinkable; keep it out reach of children.
2. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine and don't keep it in high or freezing
3. Avoid collision and fallen down.



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