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General Guide - Epson Continuous Ink Supply System Installation Instructions Manual

For epson stylus photo r200/r210/r300/r310
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CIS for EPSON stylus R200/R210/R300/R310 Instruction
Thank you for purchasing ST Continuous Ink Supply System. We appreciate
your support and will try our best to make your experience with our products a
pleasant one. Printing has been a different experience ever since you installed
ST Continuous Ink Supply system on your own printer. Just imagining being
able to print without regard to the ink level in those expensive little cartridges.
Please take your time installing ST Continuous Ink Supply system. Do not
remove your old cartridge until you have the ST CIS system primed and ready to
install (to prevent the drying of heads). In addition, make sure you are getting
perfect nozzle checks before installing the ST CIS system. The ST CIS system
won't be able to work properly if the nozzles are previously clogged.
Most people get a perfect nozzle check the first time after installing the ST
Continuous Ink Supply system; others may need to run two or three cleaning
cycles or let the printer sit for a while before they get the perfect results.
1、General Guide:
1) Components
A、CIS system 1 set
D、Refill Kit
2) Opening box inspection
a、Check whether all the accessories are ready.
b、Check whether there's the leakage of the CISS, whether some tubes have been
separated from the CISS, whether there are air bubbles in the tube (If there exists more
than 20CM air space, please kindly to contact with the local dealer)
2、Printer testing:
1) Check whether the printer is in normal condition, like mechanical status, lubrication
status etc.
B、 Air filters
E、Instruction CD 1pc
C、Support Arm
1 set



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