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Panoramic; Cinema; Subtitle; Zoom - Hitachi L32HP04U A Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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use the 16:9 mode to restore the picture to its
original shape.
Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this
is its original size


This stretches the left and right sides of a normal
picture (4:3 aspect ratio) to fi ll the screen, without
making the picture appear unnatural. The top and
bottom of the picture are slightly cut off.
This zooms up the wide picture (14:9 aspect ratio) to
the upper and lower limits of the screen.


This zooms up the wide picture (16:9 aspect ratio) to
the full screen.


This zooms up the wide picture (16:9 aspect ratio)
with subtitles to the full screen.


This option zooms to the picture.Note: You can shift
to screen up or down by pressing " " / " " buttons
while picture zoom is selected as panaromic, 14:9,
Cinema or Subtitle.


Teletext system transmits information such as news,
sports and weather on your TV. Note that if the signal
degrades, for example in poor/adverse weather
conditions, some text errors may occur or the teletext
mode may be aborted.
Teletext function buttons are listed below:
" Teletext On-Off / PAT Mode
Activates teletext mode when pressed once. Pressing
this button again will split the screen into two windows,
one displaying the teletext and the other displaying
the current channel. Pressing again will quit the
teletext mode.
" Index
Selects the teletext index page.
" Mix
Places the teletext screen over the programme.
" Expand
Press once to enlarge top half of the page, press again
to enlarge the bottom half of the page. Press again to
revert back to normal size.
" Reveal
Shows hidden information (e.g. solutions of games).
" Hold
Holds a text page when convenient. Press again to
" Subcode Pages / Time
Selects subcode pages if available when the teletext
is activated. When the teletext is not activated,
displays time info if the programme has teletext
P+ / P- and numbers (0-9)
Press to select a page.
Note : Most TV stations use code 100 for their index pages.
Coloured Buttons
Your TV supports both FASTEXT and TOP text
systems. When these systems are available, the
pages are divided into groups or topics.
When FASTEXT system is available, sections in a
teletext page will become colour-coded and can be
selected by pressing the coloured buttons. Press
a coloured button that corresponds to with your
The coloured writings will appear, showing you which
coloured buttons to use when TOP text transmission
is present. Pressing P - or P + commands will request
the next or previous page respec tively.
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