Setting Dab/Fm Station Presets; Selecting A Preset Dab/Fm Station - Hitachi KC320 Instruction Manual

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Setting DAB/FM Station Presets

Your radio can store 5 DAB station presets and 5 FM station presets, this will enable you to get
direct access to your favourite stations.
To store the current station:
1. Touch and hold one of preset touch pad
until Preset # stored displayed on the LCD.
2. You may repeat step 1 until all 5 presets are full.

Selecting a Preset DAB/FM station

1. To select a stored DAB/FM station, first enter corresponding
mode by touching
2. Then touch the corresponding preset touch pad
that you have stored.
3. If the preset has not been allocated a station, Preset # empty
will be displayed on the LCD.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents