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Changing the DAB Station Information

It is possible to change the information that is displayed on the second line of the display when
listening to a DAB station. There are five types of information available as listed below with
examples on the right.
To change the information displayed press the
button repeatedly, the display will cycle
through the follow display modes.
Dynamic Label Segment (DLS):
This is scrolling text information supplied by the DAB station. It
may comprise information on music titles or details of the
program and is provided by the broadcaster.
Program Type (PTY):
This is a description of the type of program provided by the DAB
station and is provided by the broadcaster.
Multiplex Name:
This will show the multiplex that is broadcasting the program
you are listening to.
Time and Date:
This displays the time and date and is provided by the
roadcaster so will be accurate.
Secondary Services
You may see a ">" symbol after the name of the station, this indicates that there are secondary
services available to that station. These secondary services contain extra services that are
related to the primary station. E.g. A sports station may want to add extra commentaries. The
secondary services are inserted directly after the primary station in the station list. To select the
secondary station, press
when the ">" appears in the LCD before the station name. When the
secondary service ends, the radio will automatically switch back to the primary station.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents