Pair The Pen; Pair From A Mobile Device - Nokia SU-27W User Manual

Digital pen
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■ Pair the pen

You must pair the pen with a compatible mobile device to transfer data from
the pen. The pen can be paired with one mobile device at a time. To use the
pen with another mobile device, you must pair the pen with it first.
The Bluetooth passcode that you need for pairing is printed on the card that
comes in the sales package. You can change this preset passcode with the
Logitech io2 Software that can be found on the supplied CD-ROM.

Pair from a mobile device

1. Take the cap off the pen or remove the pen from the USB cradle, and
ensure that the pen and your compatible mobile device are switched on.
The page indicator slowly flashes blue to show that the pen can be paired
with a compatible device within 2 minutes.
You can prevent other Bluetooth devices from discovering your digital pen
with the Logitech io2 Software that is supplied on the CD-ROM in the sales
package. For details, see the Logitech io2 Software documentation.
2. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device, and set the mobile
device to search for Bluetooth devices. See the user guide of your mobile
device for instructions.
3. Select the digital pen from the list of found devices.
4. Enter the Bluetooth passcode on the mobile device.
In some mobile devices you may need to make the Bluetooth connection
separately after pairing. You only need to pair the digital pen with your
mobile device once.
If the pairing is successful, the pen vibrates three times, and the page
indicator turns green and is shown for 2 seconds. The pen is now ready for use.
If the pairing or connection fails, the page indicator briefly flashes red twice
and is shown for 2 seconds. Check that the pen and the mobile device are
switched on, and carefully enter the correct Bluetooth passcode.
You can set the pen to connect with your mobile device automatically when
the pen is switched on. To do this in Nokia devices, change your paired device
settings in the Bluetooth menu.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents