Full Memory - Nokia SU-27W User Manual

Digital pen
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B a s i c u s e
1. Open a small notepad that was supplied with the pen.
2. Tap the New notepad box on the first page of the notepad.
3. Ensure that the Bluetooth feature is active in your mobile device and that
the pen is connected to the device.
4. Write a note that you want to transfer to your mobile device. You can also
draw pictures.
5. To send the note as a small image, tap the box indicated with a large and a
small phone icon. To send the note as a large image, tap the box indicated
with two large phone icons.
6. To transfer the note to the mobile device, tap the Send box. The page
indicator rapidly flashes blue during transfer.
If the note is sent successfully, the page indicator is blue for 2 seconds,
and the pen vibrates three times.
7. To send the note as an e-mail or multimedia message, use the Penmail
application supplied with the pen and the respective messaging
application in your mobile device.

■ Full memory

When the pen memory becomes full, the pen vibrates continuously. Before
you can create and save new notes, you need to transfer the existing notes to
the PC. Start the Logitech io2 Software, and place the pen in the USB cradle
connected to your PC. For more information, see PC connectivity, p. 15.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents