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4. PC connectivity

■ Install Logitech io2 Software

To use the digital pen with your PC, you need to install the Logitech io2
Software from the supplied CD-ROM. The software can be used with the
Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 operating system.
1. Insert the CD-ROM in the CD drive of your PC, and follow the instructions
on the screen.
2. Plug the supplied USB cradle into the USB port of your PC.
3. Take off the pen cap, and place the pen in the cradle.
If you connect the pen to the PC for the first time and you have a
compatible version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the
operating system detects the pen as new hardware and installs the
appropriate drivers automatically.
Your PC is now ready to receive and save notes from the digital pen. Refer to
the Logitech io2 Software documentation for details. The software may not be
available in your language.

■ Manage notes on a PC

1. Use the pen to write a note using a supplied notepad. You can also draw
2. To transfer the note, place the pen in the USB cradle.
Alternatively, to transfer the note over a Bluetooth connection, ensure
that the pen is paired and connected with a compatible PC supporting
Bluetooth wireless technology, and use the pen to tap the PC box and the
Send box at the bottom of the notepad page.
3. To view, edit, or send the note, or to convert it to another format, in
Windows, select
the Logitech io2 Software documentation for details.
io2 Pen
P C c o n n e c t i v i t y
Software. Refer to


Table of Contents

Table of Contents