Getting Started; Chargers - Nokia SU-27W User Manual

Digital pen
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2. Getting started

The digital pen contains the following parts:
• Pen cap (1)
• Ink cartridge (2)
• Battery indicator (3)
• Page indicator (4)
• Ink cartridge removal hole (5)
• Reset button (6)
Before using the digital pen, you must charge its
battery and pair the pen with a compatible
mobile device.
To use the pen with a compatible Nokia S60 or
Series 80 mobile device, you must install the Nokia Digital Pen Suite software
from the supplied CD-ROM to your mobile device.
To use the pen with your PC or modify the pen settings, you must install the
Logitech io2 Software from the CD-ROM to your PC. The software can be used
with the Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 operating system. The CD-ROM also
contains the Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B File Converter application that allows
you to convert notes created with the Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B into the
format supported by the Nokia Digital Pen SU-27W.
The software may not be available in your language.

■ Chargers

Check the model number of any charger before using it with this device. The
digital pen is intended for use with the AC-3, AC-4, and DC-4 chargers.
Warning: Use only chargers approved by Nokia for use with this
particular enhancement. The use of any other types may invalidate
any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents