Pair From The Pen; Change The Ink Cartridge - Nokia SU-27W User Manual

Digital pen
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G e t t i n g s t a r t e d
The Bluetooth connection between the digital pen and the compatible mobile
device is active only when the pen sends notes to the mobile device.

Pair from the pen

1. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device as instructed in its
user guide.
2. Use the pen to tap the Pairing box box that can be found at the end of the
The page indicator flashes blue to show that the pen can be paired with a
compatible device within 2 minutes.
3. Select the digital pen from the list of found devices on your mobile device,
and enter the Bluetooth passcode.

■ Change the ink cartridge

When the ink cartridge of the pen runs out, replace it with a new cartridge.
You can buy ink cartridges refills at local office supply retailers. Use only ink
refills that are ISO 12757-1 D1 compliant and use blue ink.
Only replace the ink cartridge when it is empty. Removing the cartridge can
damage its tip. If you attempt to reuse a cartridge with a damaged tip, it may
1. Take off the pen cap.
2. Insert the ink cartridge tip into the
hole in the cap clip.
3. Tilt the cap slightly clockwise, and pull
the cap clip to take out the ink
Dispose of the ink cartridge properly.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents