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Condensate Drain Tube Requirements; Room Sealed Installation (Twin Pipe) - Bosch AQUA STAR 2400E LP Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Temperature modulated with electronic ignition suitable for heating potable water only
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Condensate drain tube requirements

Exhaust collar condensate drain installation
(supplied with heater)
B The condensate drain tube kit must be used for all
installation types. Failure to properly install
condensate drain will void the warranty.
B When installing the condensate drain tube kit on the
exhaust collar (see diagram below), be sure to form a
trap by means of a 3" (76.2 mm) loop partially filled
with water. This loop must be as low as possible to
allow proper drainage of condensate. The supplied
tube is 3/8" ID high temperature silicone and must be
attached to the condensate port on the exhaust collar
with its supplied gear clamp (first remove brass
screw from port).
B To increase tube length, connect vinyl tubing (not
supplied with heater) to the supplied tube. Do not
reduce tubing diameter when using connector or
additional tubing.
B The condensate must be disposed of according to
local regulations.
Condensate port on exhaust collar
1. Remove brass hex head
2. Fit tube with
gear clamp
3. Loop size and location. Coil tube into 3" loop
with nylon tie (don't crimp tubing) and fill bottom
of loop with water
Fig. 12 Exhaust collar condensate drain installation
Note: No part of supplied silicone tube should be
installed above condensate tapping or improper drain-
age may occur. (see Fig. 12).
External condensate drain installation (not
An additional external condensate drain must be
installed under the following conditions:
• Vertical terminating vent installations
• Horizontal terminating vent installations where the
total vent length is greater than 5 feet
• Vent installation where any section of the exhaust
vent pipe passes through an unconditioned space.
6 720 608 263
Note: Condensate must be disposed of according to
local codes.
Note: Do not install condensate drain in areas where it
may freeze.
1. Install condensate drain as close to heater as
2. Use 3/8" ID high temperature silicone tubing to
connect to condensate drain port. Do not use copper
piping for any portion of the condensate drain.
3. Form a condensate trap by means of a 3" loop and
fill bottom of loop with water.
4. To increase the tube length, connect to end of the
high temperature silicone tubing with vinyl tubing,
PVC or CPVC pipe. Do not reduce the internal
diameter at any point.
5. Dispose of condensate according to local codes.
Fig. 13 Required
(Combustion air piping not shown)

Room sealed installation (Twin pipe)

Warning: In areas where outdoor
temperatures commonly fall below
36°F, a twin pipe venting system is
required. Failure to do so may result in
cold outside air being drawn across the
heat exchanger causing it to freeze and
burst. This failure is not covered under
the manufacturer's warranty.
B Although it is permitted to draw combustion air from
inside the structure in warm climates, the recom-
mended method is to provide combustion air through
Installation instructions

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