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Practical Cut-Off Machine Application - Hitachi CC 12Y Instruction Manual

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5. Confirming condition of the environment:
Confirm that the work site is placed under appropriate conditions conforming to
prescribed precautions.
6. Fitting and adjusting the wheel guard
The wheel guard is a protective device to prevent injury should the cutting wheel shatter
during operation. Ensure that the guard is properly fitted and fastened before commencing
cutting operation. By slightly loosening the setting screw, the wheel guard can be turned
and set at any desired angle for maximum operational effectiveness. Ensure that the
setting screw is thoroughly tightened after adjusting the wheel guard.
7. Cutting wheel
Ensure that the cutting wheel to be utilized is
the correct type and free of cracks or surface
defects. Also ensure that the cutting wheel is
properly mounted and the wheel nut is securely
tightened. Refer to the section on "Cutting Wheel
8. Conducting a trial run
Before commencing cutting operation, the
machine should be given a trial run in a safe
area to ensure that it is properly assembled and
that the cutting wheel is free from obvious
Recommended trial runs durations are as
After replacing
cutting wheel ......... 3 minutes or more
Prior to starting
routine work ........... 1 minute or more
9. Confirming the lock pin.
Confirm that the lock pin is disengaged by
pushing lock pin two or three times before
switching the power tool on (See Fig. 2).


1. Cutting force
To prolong the life of the machine and ensure a first class finish. It is important that the
machine should not be overloaded by applying too much force.
2. Precautions immediately after finishing operation
After switching off the machine, do not put it down until the cutting wheel has come to
a complete stop. Apart from avoiding serious accidents, this precaution will reduce the
amount of dust and swarf sucked into the machine.
After operation, always place the machine so that the cutting wheel faces upward.
When the machine is not in use, the power source should be disconnected.
Wheel nut
Inner washer
Cutting wheel
Wheel washer
Wheel guard
Lock pin
Fig. 2