Ferroli F24 Installation, Servicing And User Instructions Manual

Gas combination boiler for central heating and hot water production, wall mounted, copper heat exchanger, fan assisted, room sealed, electronic ? ame ignition and control.
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gas combination boiler for central heating
and hot water production, wall mounted,
copper heat exchanger, fan assisted,
room sealed, electronic fl ame ignition and control
G.C. NO: 47-267-31

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    FERROLI F24 gas combination boiler for central heating and hot water production, wall mounted, copper heat exchanger, fan assisted, room sealed, electronic fl ame ignition and control INSTALLATION, SERVICE AND USER INSTRUCTIONS G.C. NO: 47-267-31...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    You can check to the CORGI register by calling CORGI on 01256 372300". Ferroli is a member of the Benchmark initiative and fully supports the aims of the programme. Benchmark has been introduced to improve the standards of installation and commissioning of central heating systems in the UK and to encourage the regular servicing of all central heating systems to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • Page 3: Description

    1.01 Introduction The Ferroli F24 is defined as a “room sealed” combination boiler, all air required for combustion is taken from outside the room in which it is installed. It is a new high performance gas fired heat generator for central heating and domestic hot water production.

  • Page 4: Technical And Dimensional Characteristics

    Ferroli F24 2. TECHNICAL AND DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERISTICS 2.01 Technical information Ferroli F24 boilers are central heating and domestic hot water heat generators and are produced as standard to function with natural gas or Liquid Petrolium Gas converted appliances. 100 25 Distance between connections Fig.

  • Page 5

    Ferroli F24 Technical Data Domestic hot Boiler water Domestic hot Heat output Heat input water output contents water contents MODEL Litres Litres 23,8 25,8 11,5 23,8 Ferroli F24 Max. working Max. Connections Expansion vessel pressure working central pressure hot heating...

  • Page 6

    Ferroli F24 2.02 Boiler main components 2.03 Boiler water fl ow diagram FLUE 85 44 Fig. 3 °C °C C.H. D.H.W. D.H.W. C.H. Fig. 2 Room sealed compartment Air pressure switch Gas inlet Gas valve Domestic hot water outlet Safety overheat thermostat...

  • Page 7

    Ferroli F24 2.04 Central heating adjustment (not normally required) To adjust boiler heat input (thus also regulating heat output to the central heating water) simply adjust the main burner via the electronic control board (fig. 4 and 5 and see paragraph 5.04 page 29).

  • Page 8

    Ferroli F24 2.06 Pump characteristics The pump head available for circulating the water is given in fig. N.B. - The pump is factory set at position 3. The pump is a Grundfos type 15-50 UPS series. Grundfos Pump per formance graph Note - Minimum flow through boiler heat exchanger at any time should not fall below 6 litres per minute.

  • Page 9: Installation Details

    Gas Engineers document IGE/UP/7. If in doubt advice should be sought from the Local Supplier. Location of Boiler The installation of the Ferroli F24 must be on a suitable non-combustible load bearing wall which will provide an adequate fixing for the boiler mounting bracket assembly.

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    Ferroli F24 Central Heating Detailed recommendations are given in BS6798, BS5449, BS6700 and CP342 Part 2. Pipework not forming part of the useful heating surface should be insulated to prevent any heat losses or possible freezing (i.e. in roof spaces or ventilated underfloor spaces).

  • Page 11

    Ferroli F24 CLEARANCES: 5 min. 5 min. 50 mm * 600mm minimum clearance for servicing access Top clearance only applies to 100Ø concentric flue system 600* min. Fig. 11 Terminal Position D, E Minimum dimensions of fl ue terminal positions...

  • Page 12

    Ferroli F24 3.01 Drilling Template (Top Flue Application) Select suitable mounting position for boiler, using the template mark flue outlet and boiler mounting points. Drill two 10mm holes 70mm deep to accept the wall plugs. Fit standard wall plugs on the left and right side and the special wall plug in the middle (fig.

  • Page 13

    Ferroli F24 3.02 Restrictor For boiler operation, the restrictor supplied with the unit must be mounted following the instructions below. Determine the correct size of flue restrictor required. Before inserting the flue gas duct in the boiler, check that the restrictor fitted is correct and that it is correctly positioned (see fig. 14).

  • Page 14

    Ferroli F24 3.03 Top Outlet Concentric Flue Connection 3.03.1 Vertical concentric connection A vertical connector can be supplied for vertical discharge with concentric pipes. The simple mounting and use of double lip gaskets Concentric at the joints makes this an extremely easy and safe Vertical option.

  • Page 15

    Ferroli F24 Notes on concentric horizontal installation To locate the centre of the hole for passing the pipes through the wall, refer to fig. 13b. Bear in mind that the two concentric pipes must slope downwards away from the boiler at a rate of...

  • Page 16

    2 in remaining air intake. A varied number of accessories for two pipe systems are available from Ferroli (ref. to page 17). Before installing your system please check via calculation table at 3.08.2 you are not exceeding the maximum permissible length for the appliance.

  • Page 17

    Ferroli F24 3.04.3 (continued) Reduction Reduction Tab. 1 - Pipes and Flue Flue fi ttings reduction table Description Description Ø Ø Ø...

  • Page 18

    Ferroli F24 For further accessories please refer to: Resistance of flue restrictor (if req.) Attention: is included (see table on page 13) "Flue system manual for room sealed Remove the flue restrictor. boiler"Example of calculation for wall The flue and air pipes must have an inclination inlet/outlet with 2 pipe system downward equal to 3% from boiler to outside.

  • Page 19

    Ferroli F24 3.05 For installation (back flue connection): For direct back flue connection it is necessary to use the optional kit 1KWMR81A, and it is required to alter the fan direction inside the boiler. Follow carefully next procedure: Remove fan by pulling off electri- cal connections.

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    Ferroli F24 Fix with the screws (b). Refit wiring connections to fan and air pressure switch tubes ensuring correct orientation. I.E. red tube to air pressure switch connection with red dot (+) and clear tube to air pressure switch connection with no paint marking (-).

  • Page 21

    Ferroli F24 Drilling Template (Rear Flue Application) Select suitable mounting position boiler, using the template mark flue outlet and boiler mounting points. Drill two 10mm holes 90mm deep to accept the wall plugs, fit wall plugs. Fit two special wall plugs on the wall as described in the fig.

  • Page 22

    Ferroli F24 Back fl ue outlet (Diagram 1-9) 1. Core drill 127mm hole (5"). 2. Push through the outer flue. 3. Gently pull back until wall seal is flush with the wall. Fig. 27a Fig. 27b Fig. 27c 4. Place wall plate on outer flue ensuring it is level.

  • Page 23

    Ferroli F24 8. Install the inner metal flue into the outlet, up to 9. Make sure the inner flue is fully engaged in the flue terminal, secure boiler with two nuts the wallplate flange mark. and washers, sevure bottom of boiler using two 9.

  • Page 24

    3.07 Water treatment If water treatment is used ferroli limited recommend only the use of Fernox or Sentinel water treatment products, which must be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. For further information contact: Fernox Manufacturing Co. LTD.

  • Page 25

    Ferroli F24 3.10 Electrical connection The boiler must be connected to a single phase 230 V 50 Hz electricity supply with a 3 A max. fuse and a bipolar switch with contact opening of at least 3 mm fitted between the boiler and the electricity supply. The boiler must always be connected to an efficient earth installation.

  • Page 26: Commissioning And Testing

    Ferroli F24 4. COMMISSIONING AND TESTING 4.01 Checks to be carried out before starting up for the fi rst time When starting the boiler up for the first time check: • that the isolation valves between the boiler and central heating systems are open;...

  • Page 27: Adjustment And Gas Conversion

    Ferroli F24 • Check that the gas valve modulates correctly both during the central heating phase and the domestic hot water production phase. • Determine the combustion efficiency and the composition of the flue gases (refer to 6.04) • If any of the above are not correct refer to Technical Data (page 5). Adjustment (refer to 5) and Fault finding (page 39).

  • Page 28

    Customer Technical Service Helpline. 5.09 Gas conversion The following adjustment and conversion operations must be carried out by competent personnel. FERROLI Limited accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury resulting from tampering with the boiler by unauthorised persons.

  • Page 29: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Ferroli F24 6. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING The following operations must be carried out by Corgi registered engineers only. 6.01 Annual Servicing The following should be checked at least once a year: • Water pressure in the central heating system when cold should be about 1 bar. If this is not the case, bring it back to this value.

  • Page 30

    Ferroli F24 19. Reconnect ignition and flame rectification leads. 20. Reconnect gas union and tighten. 21. Refit combustion chamber cover, secure with screws. 22. Examine seals on room sealed cover refit cover and secure with screws. 23. Turn on gas and electricity.

  • Page 31: Replacement Of Parts

    Ferroli F24 7. REPLACEMENT OF PARTS 7.01 Initial procedure a) Ensure the boiler is cold, electricity supply is isolated, and the gas supply is turned off at the inlet of the boiler b) For replacement of parts where water connections are broken, it will be necessary to isolate and drain either or both the central heating or domestic hot water circuits of the boiler only.

  • Page 32

    Ferroli F24 7.05 Gas valve (fig. 33) • Isolate gas and electricity supplies • Remove outer case (two screws bottom rear corners) • Remove the two securing screws and lower control panel • Disconnect electrical connections from valve ("A") • Disconnect plastic tube "C"...

  • Page 33

    Ferroli F24 7.08 Removal of burner (fig. 36) • Isolate gas and electricity supplies • Remove outer case (two screws bottom rear corners) • Remove room sealed cover • Disconnect ignition and flame rectification leads "A" • undo gas rail union "B"...

  • Page 34

    Ferroli F24 7.12 Spark or fl ame detect electrode (fig. 38) • Isolate gas and electricity supply • Remove outer case (two screws bottom rear corners) • Open room sealed compartment and combustion chamber • Identify electrode from fig. 38 •...

  • Page 35

    Ferroli F24 Pump (fig. 40) 7.14 Replacement of pump head • Isolate electricity and flow and return pipes • Remove casing (two screws bottom rear corners). • Remove the two securing screws and lower control panel • Release pressure from boiler via pressure relief valve •...

  • Page 36: Fault Finding

    Ferroli F24 8. FAULT FINDING Before beginning any fault finding ensure that gas, water and electricity are available. WARNING: DO NOT link any terminals on block X10 or X11 as this will damage the PCB beyond repair. 8.01 Operating Sequence With the power established the boiler is in its stand-by mode i.

  • Page 37

    Ferroli F24 In order, the five lights indicate: 1 Boiler On Indicate 2 Boiler Shut down warning 3 Domestic Hot Water circuit ON 4 Central Heating standby (Flashing Light) Central Heating circuit ON (Permanent Light) 5 Insufficient pressure in Central Heating System (Flashing Light) Electric power supply ON (Permanent Light) Note: Always check for sufficient gas supply (20mbar inlet working pressure for NG and 37mbar for LPG).

  • Page 38

    Ferroli F24 8.04 Temperature sensors (thermistors) Identical, but individual, negative temperature co-efficient (NTC) thermistors are fitted in the C.H. and D.H.W. outlets from the heat exchanger. As the water temperature increases the resistance in the thermistor decreases. This causes the PCB to reduce the voltage to the modureg, in turn reducing the burner pressure. The wiring for each thermistor is colour coded red for C.H.

  • Page 39

    Ferroli F24 8.09 General test and fault fi nding Chart 1 Check electrical supply - C.H. water pressure and frost protection Chek the following carefully before starting • Gas supply is turned on, is adequate and purged • Electricity supply is turned on •...

  • Page 40

    Ferroli F24 Chart 2 Check Domestic Hot Water operation Open DHW taps DHW flow rate at least 2,5 litre/min? Check cold water inlet pressure Check and if necessary Is LED3 on? replace DHW Sensor Check if water filter is clean...

  • Page 41

    Ferroli F24 Chart 4 Check fan/fl ue gas system Does fan run? Is air pressure switch activated? Is relay RY100 switch ON? Go to chart 5 Differential air pressure across the air pressure Go to charts 2-3 switch is greater than...

  • Page 42

    Ferroli F24 Chart 6 Check ignition system Is LED1 light on? Is LED2 on Does sparking start without at burner? the boiler sparking Does burner light? Go to chart 6 Re-check air pressure switch Check and if necessary Is LED2 on...

  • Page 43: Electrical And Functional Scheme

    Ferroli F24 9. ELECTRICAL AND FUNCTIONAL SCHEME 9.01 Main components layout on electronic boards Potentiometer adjustment P1 = Central heating flow temperature adjustment P2 = Domestic hot water temperature adjustment P3 = Central heating flow output adjustment P4 = Ignition gas pressure adjustment...

  • Page 44

    Ferroli F24 9.02 General wiring diagram Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue...

  • Page 45: User Instructions

    Ferroli F24 10. USER INSTRUCTIONS °C °C KEY DESCRIPTION Switch OFF/ON/RESET Burner on indicator Central heating flow temperature regulation Boiler shut down warning D.H.W. temperature Domestic hot water circuit on regulation Central heating stand-by (Flashing light) Water pressure gauge Central heating circuit on (Permanent light)

  • Page 46

    Ferroli F24 Boiler lock out In the event of the red lockout light ( ) coming on, the on/off/reset switch (A) should be turned clockwise against the spring tension to the reset position and released (this will put the boiler into three minute delay if in the heating mode).

  • Page 47

    Ferroli F24 Time Clock A 24 hour time clock is fitted to the boiler to control the central heating, this will come into operation when the selector switch is turned to the position marked “heating timed and hot water”. Slide switch: set clock - auto - set programme...

  • Page 48: Benchmark

    2 6 7 BENCHMARK BENCHMARK No. Please add the first 4 digits of the Boiler serial No to complete the BENCHMARK No. GAS BOILER COMMISSIONING CHECKLIST C O L L E C T I V E M A R K BOILER SERIAL No.

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    Should you require help during installation call our Technical Helpline on 08707 282 885 option 1 To book a Ferroli service engineer call Ferroli caresafe on 08707 282 885 option 2 Phone numbers: Installer Service Engineer BECAUSE OF OUR CONSTANT ENDEAVOUR FOR IMPROVEMENT DETAILS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM THOSE QUOTED IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

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