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Craftsman 21419 - 9 in. Band Saw Operation Manual

9" bench top band saw
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Model No.
Read and follow
all Safety Rules and Operating
before First Use
of this Product.
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.
25126,03 Draft (01/18/08)



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 21419 - 9 in. Band Saw

  • Page 1 perator's nual ® BENCH TOP BAND SAW Model No. 351.214190 CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating instructions before First Use of this Product. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. www.sears.comlcraftsman 25126,03 Draft (01/18/08)
  • Page 2 Do not use power tools in damp or wet locations. Do not expose power tools to rain. If this Craftsman tool fails due to a defect in material or Work area should be properly lighted. workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME®...
  • Page 3 • Avoid accidental start-up. Make sure that the tool is may deteriorate these finishes. Use soap and water on in the OFF position before plugging in. paint, plastic or rubber components. After cleaning, cover all exposed metal surfaces with a light coating of Do not force tool.
  • Page 4 Refer to Figures 4 - 7, pages 5 and 6. Green (or green and yellow) conductor in cord is the The Craftsman 9" Bench Top Band Saw features weld- grounding wire. If repair or replacement of the electric ed steel frame construction and a solid cast iron table cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the green (or surface to insure durability.
  • Page 5 SPECIFICATIONS Depth of throat at 90 ° ......9" Maximum depth of cut at 90 ° ....3%" Maximum depth of cut at 45 ° ....2" Table size ......113/4 x 113/+. Table tilt ......0° to 45 ° Wheel diameter ......
  • Page 6 • Lower the upper blade guide completely and unsnap • Disconnect band saw from power source. guide panel to access the blade (see Figure 6). • To check the blade tracking, rotate drive wheel by hand in clockwise direction. View blade through tracking window.
  • Page 7 • Adjust ball bearing at rear of blade by loosening Lock adjustment by tightening screws. socket head bolt and repositioning shaft BLADE SELECTION (see Figure 8). • Blades vary depending on type of material, size of workpiece and type of cut that is being performed. Characteristics which make blades different are width, thickness and pitch.
  • Page 8 the portion of table which is to right of blade and before cut. Cut small corners by sawing around them. Saw to WARNING: Make certain that unit is disconnected remove scrap until desired shape is obtained. from power source before attempting to service or BEVEL CUTTING remove any component.
  • Page 9 PTO M CORRECTIVE ACTION POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) 1. Material not secure on table Excessive blade breakage •Squarely place work on table 2. Blade too coarse for material Use finer pitch blade 3. Teeth in contact with work before Place blade in contact with work after saw is sawing started and has reached full speed 4.
  • Page 10 iVlodel 351.21 4190 Figure 10 - Replacement Parts illustration for Frame, Table and Guides ° 4_...
  • Page 11 PART NO. DESCRiPTiON QTY. DESCRiPTiON QTY. PART NO. 20855.00 Table Insert Cabinet 25064.00 Table Lower Guide Mount 25080.00 25065.00 5 x 14mm Dowel Pin 25767.00 Miter Gauge Assembly 20856.00 Lower Guide Block 25081.00 Table Locking Insert STD852006 6mm Lock Washer* 25082.00 Lower Bearing Bracket 25066.00...
  • Page 12 Model 351.21 4190 Figure 11 - Replacement Parts illustration for Drive €...
  • Page 13 PART NO. DESCRiPTiON QTY. STD863508 5-0.8 x 8mm Pan Head Screw* 01474.00 5mm Serrated Washer STD870812 8-1.25 x 12mm Socket Head Bolt* STD851008 8mm Fiat Washer* 25102.00 Motor 25103.00 Line Cord 01601.00 Strain Relief 08066.00 Switch 25104.00 Switch Box STD863510 5-0.8 x lOmm Pan Head Screw* 25105.00 Knob...
  • Page 14 Est_ alerta y piense claramente. Nunca opere herramientas Siesta herramienta Craftsman fallara por causa de defectos mec_nicas cuando est6 cansado, intoxicado o bajo la en el material o en la mano de obra en un lapso de un aSo a influencia de medicaci6n que produzca somnolencia.
  • Page 15 • Mantenga la herramienta lubricada y limpia de modo que funcione de la manera m_.s segura. Retire las herramientas de ajuste. Desarrolle el habito Verifique que no hayan ocurrido daSos durante el envio. Si de verificar que hayan sido retiradas las herramientas hay daSos, se debera presentar un reclamo a la compaSia de ajuste antes de encender la m_.quina.
  • Page 16 INSTALE LA MESA Tomacorriente puesto a Consulte la Figura 10. • Remuevaelconjuntodelamanilla(ClavesNo. 16, 17y Punta de conexi6n a fierra tierra adecuadamente 18) del bastidor de la sierra. Enchufe de 3 puntas Coloque el conjunto de la mesa sobre el bastidor de la sierra.
  • Page 17 Consulte las Figuras 4-17 en las pAginas 17-19. posici6n ON (encendido) sin la Ilave. La sierra de banda de 9" Craftsman cuenta con un bastidor AVlSO: Si se extrae la Ilave con el interruptor en la posici6n de acero y una s61ida superficie de mesa de hierro fundido...
  • Page 18 sus protecciones. Manilla de tensi6n ,, Tense la hoja girando la palanca de tensi6n de la hoja en el sentido de las manecillas del reloj, hasta que tope (vea la Palanca de ten- Figura 5). Este es un mecanismo tensor accionado por resorte si6n de la hoja y aplicar_, autom_.ticamente la tensi6n requerida a la hoja.
  • Page 19 Rodamiento Pasador de guia Figura 9 - Guias Inferiores de la Hoja Afloje los pernos de cabeza hueca (vea la Figura 10, Clave No. 19) y ajuste la posici6n del puntal de la guia Figura 7 - Guias Superiores de la Hoja inferior de manera que la parte posterior de la hoja quede ubicada a una distancia de 0.002 pulg.
  • Page 20 • Cuando se corten materiales m_.s duros, en cuyo caso el ADVERTENCIA: No use nunca simultaneamente la guia de golpe es mAs nocivo, se recomienda una hoja de 8 a 12 ingletes y el reborde para serrar a Io largo. La hoja se puede atascar en la pieza de trabajo.
  • Page 21 SINTOMA MEDIDA CORRECTIVA CAUSAS(S) POSIBLE(S) 1. Cuadre el material sobre la mesa Las hojas se rompen 1. El material no est,. seguro en la mesa excesivamente 2. Los dientes son demasiado gruesos 2. Use una hoja de paso mAs fino para el material 3.
  • Page 22 Registro de Servicios Sierra de Banda de Banco de 9" Craftsman i FECHA IVIANTENllVIIENTO EFECTUADO PARTES DE REPUESTO NECESARIAS...
  • Page 23 NOTAS...
  • Page 24 Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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