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System I/O Address Map - Epson ActionNote 866C Product Information Manual

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EPSON ActionNote 800 Series

System I/O Address Map

Installation/Support Tips
Using Low Battery Save to HDD and Instant On
the factory so that these options can be used. A 25MB area
is set aside for the saved data; this ensures that there is
enough space for all memory configurations.
located in the C:\ PM directory. Type the following
command at the DOS prompt and press
Low Battery Save to HDD or Instant On options, you need
to leave sufficient space on the disk unpartitioned. The
amount of space should equal the system memory plus
2MB. After you run FDISK to partition the drive, you need
to run the PHDISK utility to configure the storage space
on the drive.
Battery Save to HDD or Instant On options, the PCMCIA
services are not reinitialized. The computer recognizes
SRAM PC cards, but does not recognize most other PC
cards. You must reboot to reinitialize the services.
Using an External Monitor
When you connect an external monitor, make sure you turn it
on before you turn on the computer. The ActionNote
automatically detects the external monitor and displays data
on its screen. Press Fn F10 to switch your display from the
monitor to the LCD screen or to display on both screens
Using a Serial Mouse
If you connect a serial mouse, you must use the Setup
program to disable the built-in trackpad.
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