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AEG 70318-5 KG User Manual

Electrolux freezer user manual.
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SANTO 70318-5 KG
User Manual


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  • Page 1

    SANTO 70318-5 KG User Manual Fridge-Freezer...

  • Page 2

    Dear Customer Thank you for choosing one of our high-quality products. With this appliance you will experience the perfect combination of functional desi- gn and cutting edge technology. Convince yourself that our appliances are engineered to deliver the best perfor- mance and control - indeed we are setting the highest standards of excellence.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Fresh food refrigeration ........11 Operation and indicator panel - Freezer .....12 Starting up - Setting the Temperature .

  • Page 4: Safety

    • Alterations or changes to the freezer are not permitted for reasons of safety. • If you use the refrigerator in a commercial application for purposes other than the cooling, freezing or frozen storage of foods, please observe all valid legal regulations for your application.

  • Page 5: Disposal

    • Bottles and cans must not be placed in the freezer compartment. They can burst when the contents freeze, high carbonate content drinks can even explode! Never store lemonade, juices, beer, wine, sparkling wine etc.

  • Page 6: Remove Transport Packaging

    Contact your local Council or EnvironmentalHealth Office to see if there are facilities in your area to recycle the appliance The symbol this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be taken to the appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Page 7: Operation And Control Panel - Fridge

    Operation and control panel - Fridge Fridge button ON/OFF Temperature setting button (for warmer temperatures) Temperature display Temperature setting button (for colder temperatures) COOLMATIC function "ON" indicator (yellow) COOLMATIC button Temperature setting buttons The temperature is adjusted using the “B“ and “D“ buttons. These buttons are connected to the temperature display.

  • Page 8: Starting Up - Setting The Temperature

    • During normal operation, the temperature currently present in the fridge (ACTUAL temperature) is displayed. • When the temperature is being adjusted a flashing display indicates the fridge temperature currently set (DESIRED temperature). Starting Up - Setting the Temperature Plug the mains plug into the mains socket. Press ON/OFF button.

  • Page 9: Interior Accessories

    To turn on the holiday function, press button (B). Press button (B) continuously until the letter “H” (Holiday) appears on the temperature indicator. The temperature indicator can modify the displayed temperature up to +8°C, 1° at a tim. 8°C will be followed by the letter “H”. Now the refrigerator is in the “holiday”...

  • Page 10: Drawer

    Drawer The drawer is suitable for storing fruit and vegetables. There is a separator inside the drawer that can be placed in different posi- tions to allow for the subdivision best suited to personal needs. There is a grille on the bottom of the drawer to separate the fruit and vegetables from any humidity that may form on the bottom surface.

  • Page 11: Fresh Food Refrigeration

    Fresh Food Refrigeration To obtain the best performance: • do not store warm food or evaporating liquid in the refrigerator • do cover or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong flavour. • Position food so that air can circulate freely round it. Useful hints: Meat (all types): wrap in polythene bags and place on the glass shelf above the vegetable drawer(s).

  • Page 12: Operation And Indicator Panel - Freezer

    Operation and indicator panel - Freezer FROSTMATIC function "ON" indicator (yellow) FROSTMATIC button Temperature setting button (for warmer temperatures) Temperature display Temperature setting button (for colder temperatures) Alarm reset button Alarm reset light Temperature setting buttons The temperature is adjusted using the “I“ and “K“ buttons. These buttons are connected to the temperature display.

  • Page 13: Starting Up - Setting The Temperature

    DESIRED temperature means: The temperature that has been selected for inside the freezer. The DESIRED temperature is indicated by flashing numbers. ACTUAL temperature means: The temperature display indicates the current temperature inside the freezer. The ACTUAL temperature is indicated with illuminated numbers.

  • Page 14: Alarm Reset Button

    Turning OFF the freezer compartment o turn off the freezer press the button “I” several times until the symbol “OF” appears in the temperature indicator (J). Press the button “I” again for about 5 seconds. In the temperature indicator there is a “count down” i.e. a backward counting from “3”...

  • Page 15: Freezing And Storing Frozen Food

    • Bottles and cans must not be placed in the freezer. They can burst when the contents freeze, high carbonate content drinks can even explode! Never store lemonade, juices, beer, wine, sparkling wine etc.

  • Page 16: Preparation Of Ice Cubes

    Preparation of Ice Cubes Fill the ice cube tray 3/4 full with cold water, place it in the freezer com- partment and leave to freeze. To loosen the frozen cubes, either bend the ice cube tray or hold it under running water for a few seconds.

  • Page 17: Defrosting

    Freezer The freezer compartment, however, will become progressively covered with frost. This should be removed with the special plastic scraper provided, whe- never the thicknessof the frost exceeds 4 mm. During this operation it is not necessary to switch off the power supply or to remove the foodstuffs.

  • Page 18: Cleaning And Care

    Remove frozen food and the food from the refrigerator. Wrap frozen food in several layers of newspaper. Store it in a cool place, well covered. Defrost the freezer compartment prior to cleaning (see "Defrosting" sec- tion). Switch the appliance off and remove the plug from the mains, or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or fuse.

  • Page 19: Energy Saving Tips

    After cleaning wipe with fresh water and rub dry. Accumulation of dust at the condenser increases energy consumption. For this reason carefully clean the condenser at the back of the appliance once a year with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Check the water drain hole on the rear wall of the fridge.

  • Page 20: What To Do If

    What to do if ... Correcting Malfunctions If the appliance is not functioning correctly, please carry out the following checks before contacting your local AEG Service Force Centre. Warning! Repairs should only be carried out by qualified service engineers. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunc- tioning of the appliance.

  • Page 21: Changing The Light Bulb

    Malfunction Unusual noises. The compressor does not start immediately after changing the temperature setting. Water on the floor or on sto- rage shelves. If, after carrying out the necessary checks there is still a fault with your appliance please contact your local AEG Service Force Centre. In guarantee customers should ensure that the suggested checks have been made as the engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

  • Page 22: Service And Spare Parts

    Please note that a valid purchase receipt or guarantee documentation is required for in-guarantee service calls. For Customer Services in the Republic of Ireland please contact us at the address below: Electrolux Group (Irl) Ltd Long Mile Road Dublin 12 - Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 (0) 1 4090751 Email:

  • Page 23: Guarantee Conditions

    GUARANTEE CONDITIONS Standard guarantee conditions We, AEG, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this AEG applian- ce or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: ·...

  • Page 24: Installation - Electrical Connection

    Installation Electrical Connection Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage is the same as that indicated on the appliance rating plate.

  • Page 25: Positioning - Rear Spacer

    Positioning This appliance should only be installed at a location where the ambient temperature corresponds to the climate classification indicated on the rat- ing plate, which is located at the left on the inside of the appliance. The following table shows which ambient temperature is correct for each climate classification: SN +10°C to + 32°C +16°C to + 32°C...

  • Page 26: Reversing The Door

    Reversing the door The side at which the door hangs can be changed from the right side (fac- tory supplied) to the left side, if the installation site requires. Warning! When changing the side at which the door opens, the appliance must not be connected to the mains.

  • Page 27

    Unscrew the top handle bracket from the handle rod (1). Unscrew the bottom hand- le bracket from the door (2). Unscrew the top handle bracket from the door (3) and screw onto the bottom right- hand side of the door (4). Turn the handle bracket with the handle rod 180°...

  • Page 28: Regulations, Standards, Guidelines

    This appliance is in accordance with the following EU guidelines: – 73/23/EWG dated 19 February 1973 - low voltage guidelines. – 89/336/EWG dated 3 May 1989 (including guideline change notice 92/31/EWG) - EMV guideline To buy accessories, consumables and spare parts at our online shop please visit:

  • Page 32

    2223 477-41-00-01072008 Subject to change without notice...

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