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Operating Modes - Pioneer RMD-V3104U Operating Instructions Manual

Multi video processor 1-input 4-output (ntsc)
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1. Normal mode
: This mode is set when the power and reset switches are pressed.
This makes the panel switch effective and sets the performance mode according to the
switch settings.
2. Operation mode : Mode which enables MVP from the external computer.
This mode is set when the ! command is transmitted after connecting the computer.
The normal mode can be set according to the command used.
Power ON
3. Manual mode
: Mode in which the panel switches are effective.
Both the 1 and 2 modes are set to this mode normally.
4. Remote mode
: Mode in which the panel switch functions can be controlled from the computer in the
optional mode.
During this time, the panel switch state will be ignored.
Take note that switch settings and operations will not correspond in this mode.
This mode can be changed to the manual mode according to the commands.
For details, refer to the RMT and MNL commands.
Normal mode
@8 (OPTION input 4-screen enlarged)
@9 (V IN input 4-screen enlarged)
Operation mode


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