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Samsung 460CXn - SyncMaster - 46" LCD TV User Manual Page 222

User manual.
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Table of Contents
Dot Pitch
Vertical Frequency
Horizontal Frequency
Plug & Play
Satellite Broadcasting
Cable TV
Asia Pacific
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Middle East & Africa
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The image on a LCD Display is composed of red, green and blue
dots. The closer the dots, the higher the resolution. The distance
between two dots of the same color is called the 'Dot Pitch'. Unit:
The screen must be redrawn several times per second in order to
create and display an image for the user. The frequency of this
repetition per second is called the Vertical Frequency or Refresh
Rate. Unit: Hz
Example: If the same light repeats itself 60 times per second, this
is regarded as 60 Hz.
The time to scan one line connecting the right edge to the left edge
of the screen horizontally is called the Horizontal Cycle. The in-
verse number of the Horizontal Cycle is called Horizontal Fre-
quency. Unit: kHz
Showing the horizontal lines of the screen from the top to the bot-
tom sequentially is called the Non-Interlace method while show-
ing odd lines and then even lines in turn is called the Interlace
method. The Non-Interlace method is used for the majority of
LCD Displays to ensure a clear image. The Interlace method is the
same as that used in TVs.
This is a function that provides the best quality screen for the user
by allowing the computer and the LCD Display to exchange in-
formation automatically. This LCD Display follows the interna-
tional standard VESA DDC for the Plug & Play function.
The number of horizontal and vertical dots used to compose the
screen image is called the 'resolution'. This number shows the ac-
curacy of the display. A high resolution is good for performing
multiple tasks as more image information can be shown on the
Example: If the resolution is 1360(1920) x 768(1080), this means
the screen is composed of 1360(1920) horizontal dots (horizontal
resolution) and 768(1080) vertical lines (vertical resolution).
Balances the levels of the sound coming from each speaker in
televisions with two speakers.
Whereas the terrestrial broadcasting is delivered via frequency
signals through the air, cable broadcasting is transmitted via a ca-


Table of Contents

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