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Samsung mobile phone User Manual

Mobile phone samsung
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Installing SIM Card, Memory Card, Battery
1. Remove the battery cover by placing your
thumbnail into the slot at the uper right corner of
the phone and lifting up.
2. Position the SIM card as indicated on the phone
(angled corner at the inner left edge), then
carefully slide the card into the socket.
3. If installing a microSD memory card, position
the card as indicated on the phone (gold contact
pins facing down and toward the slot), slide card
into the slot then press in until it locks.
4. Align the top edge of the battery with the arrow
on the battery pointing toward the battery
contacts, then press the battery down until it is
seated in the battery chamber.
5. Replace the cover.
Charging the Battery
1. Upper microphone
Fully charge the battery before using your phone
2. Headset jack
for the first time (approximately four hours). You
3. Earpiece
can use the phone while the battery is charging,
4. Sensors
however the battery will charge more slowly.
5. Front camera lens
1. Plug the travel charger connector into the jack at
6. Camera (on back)
the bottom of the phone.
7. Status bar
8. Power/Lock key
2. Plug the charger into a standard AC wall outlet.
3. When the bars in the battery icon stop flashing,
unplug the charger.
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Turn the phone on or off:
Press and hold the Power/Lock key
Lock the phone:
Quick press the Power/Lock key
Unlock the phone:
Press Power/Lock key
, swipe screen up.
Go to Start screen:
Press the Start key
Scroll the Start screen:
Swipe the screen up or down.
Show the applications list:
Swipe left.
Show the keyboard:
Tap a text field.
Landscape keyboard:
Rotate phone sideways (not available in some apps).
Add tile to Start screen:
Applications list > touch and hold tile > tap pin to start.
9. Volume keys
Remove tile from Start screen:
10. Display
Touch and hold tile > tap
11. Camera key
Show status bar:
12. Back key
13. Start (Window) key
Tap top of screen.
14. Search key
Set to vibrate only:
15. Microphone
Press volume key, tap screen at top right until
16. Interface connector
is indicated.
Access sub-menus:
(only available in some menus).
Signal strength
Battery level indicator
Battery level critical
Battery charging
No SIM card
SIM card locked
Connected to Edge network
Connected to 3G or 3G+ network
Connected to 4G LTE network
Vibrate only mode
Airplane mode activated
Call forwarding activated
Bluetooth active and connected
Bluetooth active, not connected
Wi-Fi active and connected
Wi-Fi active, not connected
Photos: view photos and play back videos
Alarms: set and manage alarms
Settings: customize phone settings
Calculator: hold sideways for scientific version
Store: download applications and games
Calendar: create events, set reminders
Wallet: protect card and deal information
Camera: take photos and videos
ChatON: interact with friends and family
Live Tiles on the Start screen provide an innovative
Games: buy, install and play games
way to store, organize and use information. The
Help + Tips: how to use the device
pre-loaded tiles access common applications such
Internet Explorer: browse the web
as messaging and your calendar, and they display
dynamic content like appointments. But that's only
Live Wallpaper: make a slideshow wallpaper
the beginning -- you can add anything you like to
Maps: location, directions, points of interest
the screen and arrange the tiles however you want,
creating a custom built landing page.
Messaging: text and multimedia messages
Got a favorite website? While on the site tap
MiniDiary: record note with photos, location
and tap pin to start to add a dedicated tile to the
Music Hub: purchase songs online
Start screen. A favorite contact? With the contact
Music + Videos: access media and podcasts
information displayed, tap
Now: view weather, news, and stocks
To re-arrange your tiles, tap and hold a tile until it
"floats" then drag it to a new location. To change
Office: use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
the size of a tile, tap and hold the tile then tap
OneNote: take notes and make lists
People: manage your address book
Phone: view your call history and make calls
Photo Editor: enhance your photos
Make a call:
Start screen > tap
> tap
> tap numbers >
tap call
International call:
Start screen > tap
> tap
> touch and hold
until + appears > tap numbers > tap call
Dial call from People:
Applications list > tap
People > contact > call
number or call mobile
Access voicemail:
Start screen > tap
> tap
Use speakerphone:
While on call, tap
Place call on hold:
While on call, tap
Mute the phone:
While on call, tap
Add call:
While on call, tap
Add Contacts:
Applications list > tap
People > tap
> enter
field info > tap
Change ringtone:
Applications list > Settings > ringtones + sounds
> Ringtone
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