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HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Technical Information page 3

Pc workstation
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Table of Contents
Rear connectors
25-pin parallel connector
9-pin serial connectors
System board connectors
HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Technical Information
Mini-DIN mouse
Mini-DIN keyboard
25-pin parallel
9-pin serial (two, buffered)
Two USB connectors
Joystick/Dual MIDI connector
LINE IN jack (3.5 mm)
LINE OUT jack (3.5 mm)
MIC IN jack (3.5 mm)
Combined Wide SCSI\LAN interface board connectors
Mode: Centronics or bidirectional modes (ECP/EPP)
Parallel port: 1 (378h, IRQ 7), 2 (278h, IRQ 5), or Off.
Standard: Two UART 16550 buffered serial ports
(both RS-232-C).
Serial Ports A and B: 2F8h (IRQ 3), 2E8h (IRQ 3),
3F8h (IRQ 4), 3E8h (IRQ 4), or Off—
(if one port uses 2xxh, the other port must use 3xxh).
One flexible disk drive connector
One ATA/33 IDE connector (for up to two IDE devices)
One Ultra SCSI 16-bit connector (for up to five internal
SCSI devices)
One CD-IN audio connector
AUX connector
Multimedia front panel connector
Front panel MIC-IN connector
Internal speaker connector
One HP network start connector
One WOL connector
External battery connector
One LCD panel connector
One status panel connector
Two power supply connectors
Three fan connectors
HP enhanced keyboard with mini-DIN connector
HP enhanced scrolling mouse with mini-DIN connector


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents