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HP A7533A - Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch Base Release Note

Hp storageworks fabric os 6.2.2a release notes (5697-0318, february 2010).
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HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 6.2.2a
Release Notes
Part number: 5697-0318
Second edition: February 2010


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   Summary of Contents for HP A7533A - Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch Base

  • Page 1: Release Notes

    HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 6.2.2a Release Notes Part number: 5697-0318 Second edition: February 2010...

  • Page 2

    Legal and notice information © Copyright 2009-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © Copyright 2009-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated...

  • Page 3

    Version 6.2.2a NOTE: This software conforms to the Fibre Channel (FC) standards and accepted engineering practices and procedures. Description Fabric OS 6.2.0b introduced support for the HP StorageWorks Encryption SAN Switch and the HP DC Switch Encryption FC Blade. Fabric OS 6.2.2a continues this support. These products provide the following features: Data encryption support for B-series fabrics Key management support for HP Secure Key Manager (SKM)

  • Page 4: Update Recommendation

    TCP byte streaming for FCIP connections with WAN optimization hardware Improved FCIP statistics support, including TCP connection history, high watermark information, and connection snapshot capability Support of temporary licenses for Adaptive Networking, Integrated Routing, and Fabric Watch Security enhancements IPv6 auto-configuration IPsec with IPv6 (for management port) Configurable switch-wide policy requiring authentication of all host bus adapters (HBAs) Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) enhancements allowing password expir-...

  • Page 5: New Feature Descriptions

    All products supported by Fabric OS 6.0.x can be upgraded to Fabric OS 6.2.2a. If applicable, HP recommends that you upgrade to Fabric OS 6.2.2a as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest fixes and features. For more information, see Firmware upgrades and downgrades.

  • Page 6

    Fabric OS 6.2 and M-EOS 9.9 now support Frame Redirection in McDATA Open Fabric Mode (interopmode 3) fabrics. Frame Redirection zones must be created and activated from Fabric OS platforms. Fabric OS platforms now support EX_Port connections to McDATA Open Fabric Mode Mi10Ks using the 239 Domain ID (DID) setting.

  • Page 7: Optionally Licensed Software

    Ports connected to ports with area swapped ICLs Slave ports in trunk groups Long-distance ports Ports connected to a logical switch and base switch (Fabric OS 6.2.x only), if VF is enabled Optionally licensed software The following are optionally licensed features in Fabric OS 6.2.x: Ports on Demand—Allows customers to instantly scale the fabric by provisioning additional ports via a license key upgrade (applies to select switch models).

  • Page 8: Temporary License Support

    Included licensed software The Enhanced Group Management license is included with all HP 8-Gb switches. Enhanced Group Management enables full management of the device in a data center fabric with increased element management functionality and management task aggregation throughout the environment. This license is used in conjunction with DCFM application software.

  • Page 9

    NOTE: The encryption switch and encryption blade are unique products compared to standard FC switches. HP highly recommends that you read the Fabric OS Encryption Administrator's Guide before configuring these products in any fabric. Supported product models The following product models can be upgraded to Fabric OS 6.2.2a: HP StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switch and 4/16 SAN Switch (Brocade 200E) HP StorageWorks 4/32 SAN Switch (Brocade 4100) HP StorageWorks 4/32B SAN Switch (Brocade 5000)

  • Page 10: Operating Systems

    Devices supported For a list of supported devices, see the HP website: Operating systems For a list of supported operating systems, see the HP website: Access Gateway support Access Gateway is supported with the following HP products only: Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4012) Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4024) Brocade 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class (Brocade 5480)

  • Page 11

    leverages N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) to hide the complexity of the servers (both physical and virtual) attached to it, while allowing easy SAN connectivity. The edge fabric switch provides all fabric services, while Access Gateway connects to the edge switch by what appears as a HBA connection. This architecture allows the deployment of many additional servers without requiring a domain and the associated fabric rebuild traffic.

  • Page 12

    Prerequisites Table 1 lists the supported Fabric OS firmware versions. HP recommends using the latest supported firmware versions to get the greatest benefit from the SAN. For a list of retired products, see the HP website: IMPORTANT: The Fabric OS versions listed in the Earliest compatible version column in Table 1 are the earliest versions supported by HP for connection to switches running Fabric OS 6.2.2a at the time of the...

  • Page 13

    Earliest compatible Model version Recommended version Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem 6.1.0h 6.2.2a Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem HP StorageWorks MP Router XPath OS 7.4.1e XPath OS 7.4.1f HP StorageWorks DC SAN Backbone Director 6.1.0h 6.2.2a Brocade 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem...

  • Page 14

    Table notes: In a fabric with products running older versions of Fabric OS, all zoning and fabric operations must be performed using interfaces to products running the latest version of Fabric OS. This is important for Brocade 3xxx series switches that do not support zoning configuration for newer products. Other M-EOS models can participate in a fabric with Fabric OS 6.2;...

  • Page 15

    DC SAN Backbone and DC04 SAN Director blade support Fabric OS 6.2.2a is fully qualified and supports the DC Director blades listed in Table Table 3 DC Director blade support matrix Director blade Number of blades Supported with Fabric OS 6.0.0b or later with any mix, with FC8-16 up to eight blades of each type on the DC SAN Backbone FC8-32...

  • Page 16: Important Notes

    DC SAN Backbone Director and DC04 Director blade 4/256 SAN Director SAN Director FR4-18i (FCIP/FC Router Two power supplies. The FC4-16IP blades blade) Four power supplies are not supported in the DC SAN Backbone Director and DC04 SAN Director. FC4-16IP (iSCSI blade) A DC SAN Backbone Director with 3 or more FS8-18 blades, requires (2+2) 220 VAC power supplies for redund-...

  • Page 17: Fabric Os Compatibility

    DCFM Enterprise configures and manages DC SAN Backbone Directors, along with other B-series directors, routers, switches, and HBAs. Existing EFCM and FM customers that have active Main- tenance and Support contracts are provided a seamless migration path to DCFM Enterprise. EFCM and FM compatibility With the introduction of DCFM, both EFCM and FM have been put into sustaining mode.

  • Page 18

    Fabric OS Features (supported in interopmode 0) Fabric OS 6.2.2a IM = interopmode IM 2 IM 3 Zone Activation Support Traffic Isolation Zones Frame Redirection (devices attached to Fabric OS) Frame Redirection (devices attached to M-EOS) Frame Redirection over FCR FCR Fabric Binding (route to M-EOS fabric with Fabric Binding) L2 Fabric Binding DCC policies...

  • Page 19

    Fabric OS Features (supported in interopmode 0) Fabric OS 6.2.2a IM = interopmode IM 2 IM 3 Broadcast Zoning FDMI Remote Switch Port Mirroring Extended Fabrics Alias Server Platform Service FCIP (VE_Ports) IPFC (IP over FC) M-EOS ALPA 0x13 configuration VE_Port to VEX_Port Integrated Routing Domain Offset Support...

  • Page 20

    Supported only locally within the Fabric OS switch. All routers (EX_Ports) must reside in a backbone fabric running in interopmode 0 only. Only edge fabrics with devices imported to the backbone fabric or other edge fabrics can operate in IM2 or IM3.

  • Page 21

    For routed SANs with M-EOS switches in an edge fabric, upgrades to Fabric OS 6.2.2a are nondisruptive if all EX_Ports to M-EOS edge fabrics are attached to 4/256 SAN Directors with an MP Router blade (FR4-18i). The HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director with HP StorageWorks DC Switch Encryption FC Blade and the HP StorageWorks Encryption SAN Switch cannot be downgraded to a version earlier than Fabric OS 6.2.0b.

  • Page 22: Other Important Notes And Recommendations

    To verify that the firmware download is complete, enter the firmwareDownloadStatus command on the switch, verify that the process is complete, and then proceed to the next switch. Scalability For details on supported scalability, see the HP StorageWorks SAN Design Reference Guide, available on the HP website: FICON support...

  • Page 23

    Adaptive networking/flow-based QoS prioritization When using QoS in a fabric with 4-G ports or switches, Fabric OS 6.0 or later must be installed on all products in order to pass QoS info. E_Ports from the HP StorageWorks DC SAN Backbone Director or HP StorageWorks DC04 SAN Director to other switches must come up after 6.0 is running on those switches.

  • Page 24: Traffic Isolation Over Fcr

    Traffic isolation over FCR All switches and FC routers, both in edge and backbone fabrics, must be running Fabric OS 6.1.0 or later in order to support this feature. In order for traffic isolation over FCR to function properly, the associated TI zones in each fabric (edge and backbone) must have failover enabled.

  • Page 25: Port Mirroring

    For FIPS mode, certificates must be installed before FIPS activation. FICON For the DC SAN Backbone Director, FICON CUP is not allowed with a 48-port blade in the Default Logical Switch. All ports on a 48–port blade must be assigned to a user-defined Logical Switch to use them in a FICON CUP enabled switch.

  • Page 26: Fabric Watch

    Fabric Watch Core Blade status reporting modification Fabric Watch has been modified so that Core blade status reporting matches CP blade reporting, rather than status reported by port blades. Table 6 shows the changes. Table 6 Fabric Watch Blade Status reporting Threshold Original behavior if one New behavior if one blade is...

  • Page 27

    Fabrics E_Ports even when IDLE primitives are configured for these ports when operating in native VC_RDY mode. Prior to this change, frame-based trunking was supported only when ARB primitives were used in VC_RDY mode. With Fabric OS 6.2.x, frame-based Trunking is supported on Extended Fabrics E_Ports even if IDLE or ARB primitives are used when operating in native VC_RDY mode.

  • Page 28

    Description: Use this command to configure the fill word for an 8-Gb FC port. (It does not apply to a non-8-Gb FC port.) This command disables and re-enables the port; the port comes online with the new fill-word setting. The configuration is stored in nonvolatile memory and is persistent across switch reboots and power cycles.

  • Page 29

    ARB(FF) implementation summary All 8-Gb switches except 8-Gb 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c- BladeSystem c-Class Fabric OS version Class All ports set to IDLE. All ports set to IDLE. No ARB(FF) capability. Any Fabric OS earli- er than 6.1.2 No ARB(FF) capability.

  • Page 30: Web Tools Functionality Moved To Dcfm

    Web Tools functionality moved to DCFM The functionality that was moved from Web Tools 6.1.1 to DCFM applies to all versions of DCFM and also applies to Fabric OS 6.2.x. Table 7 describes these changes. Table 7 Web Tools functionality in DCFM Function Web Tools 6.1.0 DCFM...

  • Page 31

    Function Web Tools 6.1.0 DCFM Configure > Zoning Replace/Replace All zone members by selecting Remove offline or inaccess- Zone Admin the offline devices from the zone tree. Offline ible devices devices have an unknown overlay badge with good visibility. Configure > Zoning Zone database summary Zone Admin ping...

  • Page 32

    a Target/LUN on a particular EE, no configuration modification is required during FTE/Rekey operations. The cryptocfg -manual_rekey -all command should not be used in environments with multiple encryption engines (encryption blades) installed in a director-class chassis when more than one encryption engine has access to the same LUN. In such situations, use the cryptocfg -manual_rekey CTCLUN NumInitiator PWWN command to manually rekey the LUNs.

  • Page 33

    Whenever initNode is performed, new certificates for CP and KAC (SKM) are generated. Hence, each time InitNode is performed, the new KAC Certificate must be loaded onto key vaults for Secure Key Manager (SKM). Without this step, errors will occur, such as key vault not responding and ultimately key archival and retrieval problems.

  • Page 34

    Modify the LUN policy from encrypt to cleartext and commit. The LUN will become disabled. Enable the LUN using cryptocfg --enable LUN. Modify the LUN policy from clear- text to encrypt with enable_encexistingdata to enable the first time encryption and do commit.

  • Page 35

    Fabric OS 6.2.1 fixes Table 8 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.2.1 firmware release. In addition to including all fixes from previous 6.2.0x releases, 6.2.1 contains all fixes included in the 5.3.2b, 6.0.1a, 6.1.1d, and 6.1.2a releases. Table 8 Fabric OS 6.2.1 closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1...

  • Page 36

    Closed defect summary Solution During a stress test with switchdisable/switchenable of all Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 switches in a fabric, we observed both verify failure and a switch panic in the RTE module. A small timing window exists due to a corner case where, if a device sends PLOGI before the route is set up, it could cause PLOGI to drop Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 in single switch fabric.

  • Page 37

    Closed defect summary Solution After removing EE and F_Port TT filters on HP StorageWorks DC SAN Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 director in non-VF (Virtual Fabrics) mode, and enabling Fabric mode Top Talkers, the flow values are inaccurate. If TI zone operations are performed simultaneously on different Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 switches, the active CP may failover due to termination of the name server module...

  • Page 38

    Closed defect summary Solution Starting with Fabric OS 6.1.2, supportsave was updated to collect more data. A Parity error may be logged as data is read from disabled Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 ports on switches that were updated from a lower code level but never cold booted.

  • Page 39

    Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1 Workaround prior to update: After a power cycle, HIL-1610 WARNING appeared on the HP Stor- This warning can be safely ignored ageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch, reporting that Fan/PS unit 1 was not when seen at boot time.

  • Page 40

    The host cannot see the device due to a login failure with a non-FC Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1a standard value (0x0000EF) to the name server, when the switch has port alpa also enabled in interopmode 2. With Fabric OS 6.2.1 in a logical switch setup, a segmentation Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.1a fault/core dump occurs after configdefault.

  • Page 41

    Fabric OS 6.2.2 fixes Table 11 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.2.2 firmware release. In addition to including all fixes from previous 6.2.1x releases, 6.2.2 contains all fixes included in the 5.3.2c, 6.0.1a, 6.1.1d, 6.1.2b and 6.2.0g releases. Table 11 Fabric OS 6.2.2 closed defects Closed defect summary Solution...

  • Page 42

    Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 Workaround prior to update: When FMS mode (FICON Managed Switch) is enabled, then disabled, hafailover toggles online ports and results in traffic disruption. Do not toggle FMS mode without resetting the ASIC. The switchstatusshow command in CLI does not show correct Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 status when a core blade is powered off.

  • Page 43

    Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 Workaround prior to update: Other methods of creating TI Zones and modifying the definitions work The sequence of creating two TI zones, not saving the change, and seamlessly. It is just this odd set of then modifying the attributes with the zone --add command results steps that produce the failing in misconfigured attributes that will cause software verify on remote...

  • Page 44

    Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 HP StorageWorks DC Switch Encryption blade comes up faulty after Workaround prior to update: firmwaredownload -sf and reboot of both CPs at the same time. Reseat the blade. Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 After upgrade to Fabric OS 6.x, rsh using user credential gets ifmod- Workaround prior to update: eshow eth0: ioctl (ETHTOOL_GSET) failed error in response...

  • Page 45

    Closed defect summary Solution The SNMP manager gets incorrect MIB information from a switch Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 running Fabric OS 6.1.x, due to a change in SwFwEPortUtil and SwFwEPort- Pktl between SW_v5_7 to SW_v5_8 MIB. Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2 When port 254 is used in directors in non-FICON setup, after multiple Workaround prior to update: hafailovers, port 254 may lose its name server entry, and/or CP...

  • Page 46

    Fabric OS 6.2.2a fixes Table 12 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.2.2a firmware release. Table 12 Fabric OS 6.2.2a closed defects Closed defect summary Solution After a target port bounce, the FC FastWrite host cannot recognize the target due to a cam setup problem on the backend port used by Fixed in Fabric OS 6.2.2a FC FastWrite.

  • Page 47

    Effective date February 2010 HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 6.2.2a Release Notes...

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