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HP StorageWorks 1500cs - Modular Smart Array Manual

Hp storageworks mezzanine backup-restore solution.
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HP StorageWorks Mezzanine Backup-Restore Solution
technical blueprint


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   Summary of Contents for HP StorageWorks 1500cs - Modular Smart Array

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    HP StorageWorks Mezzanine Backup-Restore Solution technical blueprint Executive summary..........................2 Business needs ............................ 3 Solution design and design rules ......................4 Assumptions ............................ 6 MSA1500 ........................... 6 Tape library..........................6 Backup process ..........................6 Recovery process.......................... 6 Fibre Channel infrastructure ......................6 Design rules..........................

  • Page 2: Executive Summary

    Executive summary This paper presents an HP technical blueprint for building mezzanine backup-restore solutions, which include HP StorageWorks raid arrays, tape libraries, and software. The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1500 (MSA1500) controller shelf is a 2-Gb Fibre Channel storage system for the entry-level to midrange storage area network (SAN). It reduces the complexity, expense, and risk of SAN deployments in heterogeneous server environments.

  • Page 3: Business Needs

    Figure 1. Mezzanine backup-restore solution: logical view . . . Backup Host 1 Host 2 Host 10 Management Server Mezzanine Disk Array Tape Library Disk Array Business needs Businesses today want fast, reliable storage solutions, which are easy to manage, along with comprehensive technologies for data recovery.

  • Page 4: Solution Design And Design Rules

    This mezzanine backup-restore solution blueprint provides customers: • Faster single file recovery from inexpensive near online storage. • Decreased backup window by distributing file backups to near online storage and tape. Disk files are then copied to tape for offline storage. •...

  • Page 5

    Figure 2. Mezzanine backup-restore solution: physical view Ethernet connectivity provides out-of-band management for the solution components. The MSA1500 is a dedicated mezzanine storage device.

  • Page 6: Assumptions

    Assumptions MSA1500 • Uses SSP. • Stores data with RAID. When using RAID Advanced Data Guarding (ADG), data is protected if two disk drives should fail. Tape library An HP StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solution (EBS)-supported HP StorageWorks MSL or HP StorageWorks ESL model tape library is used.

  • Page 7: Component Review

    Component review • Sixteen 1-Gb/s and HP StorageWorks SAN 2-Gb/s universal auto- Switch 2/16 sensing ports scalable, 2-GB • Universal, self-configuring technology ports (F, FL, E) • 1U rack-mountable enclosure • Supports one or two SDLT HP StorageWorks tape drives for native MSL5026S2 Tape Library transfer rates up to...

  • Page 8: Supported Hosts

    Figure 3. Example mezzanine backup-restore solution rack Customers with an existing SAN and a supported ESL or MSL tape library may only need to add the MSA1500 and the two MSA20 enclosures. If a backup management server is not already in place, one must be added to support the solution.

  • Page 9: Interconnect

    Interconnect Table 2. SAN Fibre Channel infrastructure Features HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/8 HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/16 Number of ports Per port line speed 1.0625/2.125 Gb/s, Full Duplex 1.0625/2.125 Gb/s, Full Duplex Note 1: An external FC switch must be used. The MSA Fabric Switch 6 is not supported. Note 2: Shaded areas represent hardware used in example technical blueprint configuration.

  • Page 10: Software

    Software Table. 5 Data protection software Backup management server Host Description HP OpenView Storage Cell Manager Media Agent Data Protector is the only tool that Data Protector 5.1 integrates disk-based and tape- Disk Agent based recovery in a single product across multiple applications, operating systems, and storage architectures.

  • Page 11: Synergy Of Components

    Synergy of components This solution uses proven, customer-accepted, fault-tolerant technology with the option to add additional system and data reliability. There is no new technology to learn; it has the look and feel of primary storage. Implementing a mezzanine backup-restore solution adds flexibility and performance to an existing data protection system.

  • Page 12: Scaling-growth-flexibility

    Scaling-growth-flexibility What happens if I already own a tape library? This mezzanine backup-restore solution supports any MSL or ESL tape library that is supported by the EBS. See the for a list of EBS supported EBS Hardware/Software Compatibility Matrix tape libraries. What if I want to back up more servers? Performance is heavily dependent on the size and types of applications being backed up.

  • Page 13: Bill Of Materials

    Bill of materials Table 9. Example mezzanine backup-restore solution BOM Management server Quantity Part number Description Comments Windows 2000 server Must meet minimum requirements of data protection software Infrastructure Quantity Part number Description Comments 287055-B21 HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/16 Optical Transceivers (SFPs) Dependent on the number 221470-B21...

  • Page 14

    Disk storage: EVA 2C12D-B Quantity Part number Description Comments 283199-B21 EVA 2C12D-B 60Hz (41U Graphite with backend Fibre Channel loop switches) 250203-B24 VCS PKG DUAL HSV2.0A Pluggable Ultra320 Per customer requirements Universal hard drives (48 minimum, 168 maximum) 231292-B22 HP StorageWorks Secure Obtain sufficient licenses to Path V4.0 for Windows match the configuration...

  • Page 15: Why Hp

    Why HP With the mezzanine backup-restore solution, customers can reduce their backup and restore window while enhancing their existing backup infrastructure through scalability, reliability, and availability, where you want it and when you need it. HP provides a tested and supported end-to-end solution built with world-class components, supported by a single point of contact—HP.

  • Page 16: For More Information

    To get further information on the individual components in an HP SAN, visit: © 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.

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