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Hp xw workstation series - small form factor bay converter and hard drive installation
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To later install one or more additional SFF hard drives in the carrier (for example, hard drive
assignments number 2 and 3 as shown in the following figure), the carrier must be removed from the
workstation, the mounting rail and initially installed hard drive removed from the carrier, and all hard
drives then installed or reinstalled in the carrier in proper order by following these steps.
Figure 1
Carrier loaded with one SFF hard drive (drive number 1) and Installed in the HP xw8600
To convert two workstation 3.5-inch hard drive bays to hold up to three 2.5-inch SFF hard drives,
complete the following steps:
Orient the empty SFF hard drive carrier as shown in the following figure and note the drive number
assignment of the hard drive loading slots within the carrier. When a fully configured carrier is
installed and with the workstation tower standing upright for typical operation, SFF hard drive
number 1 will be at the bottom of the workstation hard drive bays and hard drive number 3 at the
top (as shown in the preceding and the following figure).
Figure 2
Step 2–Configuring the SFF hard drive carrier for SFF hard drives number 1, 2, and 3
SFF hard drive numbering order within the first carrier



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