System Requirements; Tools Required; Step 1-Preparing The Workstation - HP Xw6600 - Workstation - 2 GB RAM Installation Manual

Hp xw workstation series - small form factor bay converter and hard drive installation
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System requirements

HP xw6600 Workstation. Optional HP SAS RAID card kit (or equivalent) must be installed and
have one unused SAS port connector for each SFF SAS hard drive being installed.
HP xw8600 Workstation. One unused HP SAS or SAS RAID card port connector for each SAS
SFF hard drive being installed.

Tools required

No tools are required for this assembly.
Step 1–Preparing the workstation
Detailed instructions for preparing the workstation for component installation are contained in your
workstation documentation.
In summary, to prepare your workstation you must first:
Power down the workstation.
Disconnect power from the workstation.
Remove the workstation chassis access cover.
For detailed product-specific information, refer to the Service and Technical Reference Guide for your
HP workstation at
Step 2–Configuring the SFF hard drive carrier for SFF hard
drives number 1, 2, and 3
Each SFF bay converter carrier consumes two 3.5-inch hard drive bays in the workstation. Before a bay
converter SFF hard drive carrier (provided in the SFF bay converter kit) can be installed in a workstation,
individual SFF hard drives (provided in SFF hard drive kits) must be loaded into the carrier. The following
figure shows a carrier configured with a single SFF hard drive and installed in an HP xw8600
Workstation. This figure also shows SFF hard drive numbers within this carrier.
Small form factor bay converter and hard drive installation



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