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HP Tc4100 - Server - 256 MB RAM Configuration Manual Page 6

Hp mc/serviceguard for linux configuration guide for hp netservers.
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Hardware Components
- Supported HP IA-32 Servers within the Cluster
- LC2000r
- LP2000r
- LT6000r
- LXr8500
- TC4100
- Supported Quorum Servers
- LP1000r
- LC2000r
- LP2000r
- LT6000r
- LXr8500
- TC4100
The Quorum Server provides cluster locking and must be installed and run on a system outside the cluster.
Quorum Server is a separate product provided on the "ServiceGuard Distributed Components" CD. The
node on which the quorum server is running must have network connectivity to the clusters for which it is
providing services. Ensure that the connection with each node is independent of the cluster heartbeat
connection, so that both are not likely to fail at the same time. The quorum server is required for a 2-node
configuration, and recommended for a 3 to 4-node configuration. The quorum server in a Linux
environment can manage up to 2 clusters and 8 nodes.
Requirement: The Quorum Server and clustered nodes must be on the same subnet.
- Supported Mass Storage for SCSI
HBA: SCSI (P3413A) – two per server
SCSI External Storage: HP IA-32 Server Rack Storage/12 Ultra 3 (D5989C) – two per cluster
o Rack Storage 12 SCSI Card C (D6025C) added per RS/12
Supported disks:
o Hewlett-Packard Ultra3 SCSI Hot-Swap Disk Drives compatible with Rack
Storage/12: P1168A, P1166A, D9421A, D9419A, D9422A, P3577A, and D9420A.
New disk drives may be added to this list as they are released.
- Supported Mass Storage for FibreChannel
HBA: Emulex Fibre Channel PCI Host Bus Adapter; models LP8000-F1, LP9000-N1,
Fibre Channel Storage Sub-Systems: Surestore VA7100, VA7400 & Surestore XP48, XP128,
XP512, XP1024
Disk Drives: Any drive supported in the selected storage sub-system
Fibre Channel Switch: HP Brocade 2400 (A5625A) & HP Brocade 2800 (A5624A)


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