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32", 37", 40", and 46" LCD TVs


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    32", 37", 40", and 46" LCD TVs DX-32L150A11 DX-37L150A11 DX-40L130A11 DX-46L150A11 U S E R G U I D E...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Dynex 32", 37", 40", and 46" LCD TVs Contents CHILD SAFETY ..........1 Important safety instructions .

  • Page 3

    Hiding channels ........... . . 18 Setting up a favorite channel list .

  • Page 4: Child Safety

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L CHILD SAFETY It makes a difference how and where you use your flat panel display As you enjoy your new product, keep these safety tips in mind The issue The home theater entertainment experience is a growing trend, and larger TVs are popular purchases.

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Important safety instructions Important safety instructions 18 The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing, and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should be placed on the apparatus. CAUTION Warnings RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Electric shock hazard DO NOT OPEN To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not remove any cover or expose the device to rain or moisture.

  • Page 6

    Important safety instructions DX-32L/37L/40L/46L • If your TV does not operate normally by following the operating End of life directives instructions. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the Your TV contains tin-lead solder and a fluorescent lamp containing a operating instructions because incorrect adjustment of other small amount of mercury.

  • Page 7: Installing And Removing The Stand

    Stand to do this, contact a professional installer or service technician. Dynex is not responsible for any damages or injuries that occur because of mishandling or incorrect assembly. • Use a soft cushion or covering to prevent scratching or damage to Four M5 screws the TV screen or cabinet.

  • Page 8: Tv Components

    TV components DX-32L/37L/40L/46L TV components Side Accessories Make sure the following accessories are included in the box with your • Remote control • Component video cable • Audio cable • AC power cord • AAA batteries (2) • Stand • Quick Start Guide Front Item Name Description...

  • Page 9: Back

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L TV components Back Item Name Description Connect an AV device to these jacks. For more information, see “Connecting a VCR” AV1 IN jack on page 10 for an example of the connection. Connect an audio amplifier to these jacks. AUDIO OUT jacks For more information, see "Connecting a home theater system"...

  • Page 10: Remote Control

    TV components DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Remote control Item Name Description Press to move up or down in on-screen menus. Press to move left or right in on-screen menus or to adjust menu settings. Press to confirm selections in on-screen menus ENTER or to open sub-menus. Press to open the on-screen menu.

  • Page 11: Using The Remote Control

    1 To program your existing remote control to work with your 2 Insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment. Make Dynex TV, see the table below for common codes. If you have problems programming your remote, or need a different remote sure that the + and –...

  • Page 12: Making Connections

    4 For more help, call technical support for your universal remote Connecting an HDMI device control or set-top box manufacturer, or call the Dynex Customer Note: If your device has an HDMI connection, we recommend you use that Care Center. For US and Canada markets, call 1-800-305-2204.

  • Page 13: Connecting An Antenna, Cable Tv, Or Satellite Tv Box

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Making connections 3 Connect the other end of the component video cable to the -OR- COMPONENT1 or COMPONENT2 jacks on the back of your TV. For a better picture, you can connect an S-Video cable to the 4 Connect an audio cable (not included) to the AUDIO OUT jacks S-VIDEO OUT jack on the VCR and the S-VIDEO1 jack on your TV.

  • Page 14: Connecting A Computer

    Making connections DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 3 Connect the audio connectors of the AV cable (the red and white Connecting a home theater system connectors) to the AV OUT AUDIO jacks of the camcorder or Connecting using an analog audio cable game console, then connect them to the AV2 IN AUDIO-L and AUDIO-R jacks on the side of your TV.

  • Page 15: Connecting Headphones

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Turning on your TV for the first time Connecting headphones 6 Press or to highlight Mode, then press or to select Manual (to set the date/time manually), or Auto (the date/time Warning: When using headphones, adjust the headphone volume to are automatically set by the TV signal source, based on the time avoid excessively loud volume which can damage your hearing.

  • Page 16: Understanding The Basics

    Understanding the basics DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Notes: Selecting a channel • During auto scan, digital programs will be scanned first, then analog To select a channel: programs. When all available digital programs have been searched, • Press CH / CH to go to the next or previous channel. the screen will ask you to “Press MENU or EXIT if you don’t need •...

  • Page 17: Navigating The Menus

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Understanding the basics Audio menu Navigating the menus Press to display the Main menu. Picture Audio Setup Channel Sound Mode Custom Bass Press to select menus, to adjust selected items, or move on-screen cursor left or right. Treble Balance Surround Digital Output RA W...

  • Page 18: Adjusting The Picture

    Adjusting the picture DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 3 Press or to highlight an option, then press ENTER to enter 4 Press or to highlight an option, then press or to adjust the sub-menu. You can select: the option. You can select: • Parental Controls—Control which programs/movies your •...

  • Page 19: Adjusting The Sound

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Adjusting the sound 3 Press or to highlight Setup, then press . The Setup menu 2 Press or to highlight Audio, then press . The Audio menu opens. opens. Picture Audio Setup Channel Picture Audio Setup Channel Sound Mode Custom Parental Controls Bass...

  • Page 20: Playing Tv Audio Only

    Changing channel settings DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Playing TV audio only Changing channel settings You can turn off the picture on your TV and listen to only the program Automatically scanning for channels audio. To play only the TV audio: To auto scan for channels: 1 Press MENU.

  • Page 21: Selecting The Signal Source

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Changing channel settings Selecting the signal source 2 Press or to highlight Channel, then press . The Channel menu opens. To select the signal source: 1 Press MENU. The on-screen menu opens. Picture Audio Setup Channel TV Source Antenna Picture Audio Setup...

  • Page 22: Adding Or Changing A Channel Label

    Changing channel settings DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 2 Press or to highlight Channel, then press . The Channel Adding or changing a channel label menu opens. If a channel is not already labeled, you can label the channel to make it easier to identify. You can also relabel a channel that is already labeled. To label a channel: Picture Audio...

  • Page 23: Checking Digital Tv Signal Strength

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Setting parental controls Checking digital TV signal strength Setting parental controls You can check the signal strength of digital channels to determine if Parental controls let you prevent your children from watching you need to adjust your antenna or digital cable input. The higher the inappropriate material on TV.

  • Page 24: Setting Or Changing The Password

    Setting parental controls DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 4 Press the number buttons to enter the four-digit password. The 4 Press the number buttons to enter the four-digit password. The default password is 0000. The Parental Controls sub-menu default password is 0000. The Parental Controls sub-menu opens.

  • Page 25: Setting Parental Control Levels

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Setting parental controls 2 Press or to highlight Setup, then press . The Setup menu Setting parental control levels opens. You can set parental controls for the U.S. and Canada. The following procedure shows how to set controls for U.S. TV ratings. You use similar steps for controlling U.S.

  • Page 26

    Setting parental controls DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 5 Press or to highlight System Lock, then press or to 9 Press EXIT to close the menu. select On. U.S. TV ratings (age-based) TV-Y All children. TV-Y7 Suitable for children 7 and older. TV-G General audiences. TV-PG Parental guidance suggested.

  • Page 27: Using Closed Captioning

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Using closed captioning Downloading rating information 6 Press or to highlight RRT Setting, then press ENTER. If the program is broadcast with RRT5 rating information, the You can download rating information to use when setting parental information is downloaded automatically and can be used for controls.

  • Page 28: Selecting The Closed Captioning Mode

    Using closed captioning DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 4 Press or to highlight CC Mode, then press or to select Note: If the channel is analog, the Basic Selection will be available and the Advanced Selection will be grayed out (inactive). the CC mode. You can select On (turns on closed captioning), CC on Mute (turns on closed captioning when the sound is muted), or Off (turns off closed captioning).

  • Page 29: Adjusting Time Settings

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Adjusting time settings 3 Press or to highlight Closed Caption, then press or • FG Color—To select a color for the text. ENTER. The closed caption menu opens. • BG Color—To select a color for the background. • FG Opacity—To select the opacity for the text. •...

  • Page 30: Setting The Sleep Timer

    Adjusting menu settings DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 5 If your viewing area observes daylight savings time, press or 3 Press or to highlight Time, then press ENTER. The time to highlight DST, then press or to select On. setting menu opens. 6 Press or to highlight Mode, then press or to select Manual (to set the date/time manually), or Auto (the date/time are automatically set by the TV signal source, based on the time zone you selected).

  • Page 31: Labeling An Input Source

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Adjusting menu settings 3 Press or to highlight Menu Settings, then press ENTER. 3 Press or to highlight Input Label, then press ENTER. The The Menu Settings menu opens. Input Label screen opens. Picture Audio Setup Channel Picture Audio Setup Channel Transparency...

  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting DX-32L/37L/40L/46L 2 Press or to highlight Setup, then press . The Setup menu Problem Solution opens. Only snow (noise) appears • Try another channel. The station on the screen. may be experiencing problems. • Make sure that the antenna or cable TV is connected correctly Picture Audio...

  • Page 33: General

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Maintenance General VHF: 2 - 13 Receiving channels UHF: 14 - 69 CATV: 1 - 125 CADTV: 1-135 Problem Solution DTV: 2-69 One or more channels do • Make sure that the channels are BTSC system Audio multiples not display. not blocked.

  • Page 34

    Legal notices DX-32L/37L/40L/46L FCC warning Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance with the FCC Rules could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Cables Connections to this device must be made with shielded cables with metallic RF/EMI connector hoods to maintain compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations.

  • Page 35

    DX-32L/37L/40L/46L Legal notices...

  • Page 36: One-year Limited Warranty

    Products and parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Dynex and are not returned to you. If service of Products or parts are required after the Warranty Period expires, you must pay all labor and parts charges.

  • Page 37: What Does The Warranty Not Cover

    • Damage due to incorrect operation or maintenance • Connection to an incorrect voltage or power supply • Attempted repair by any person not authorized by Dynex to service the Product • Products sold "as is" or "with all faults"...

  • Page 38

    7601 Penn Ave. South, Richfield, MN 55423 U.S.A. © 2010 BBY Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. DYNEX is a trademark of BBY Solutions, Inc. Registered in some countries. All other products and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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