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Power Indicator - Kenwood KAC-6402 Instruction Manual

4/3/2 channel power amplifier
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6 Power indicator

When the power is turned on, the Power
indicator lights.
If the Power indicator does not light when the
power is turned on, the protection function
may be activated. Check whether there is any
indication of trouble.
■ The protection function is activated in
the following situations:
This unit is equipped with a protection function
for protecting this unit and your speakers from
various accidents or problems that can occur.
When the protection function is triggered, the
Power indicator goes off and the amplifier stops
• When a speaker wire may be short-circuited.
• When a speaker output contacts ground.
• When the unit malfunctions and a DC signal is
sent to the speaker output.
• When the internal temperature is high and unit
won't operate.
• When a ground wire of the center unit
(cassette receiver, CD receiver, etc.) or this unit
is not connected to a metal part serving as
an electrical ground passing electricity to the
battery's negative - terminal.



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