Kenwood DDX7039 Installation Manual

Monitor with dvd receiver
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  • Page 2 Accessories ..1 ..1 ..1 ..2 ..1 ..1 ..6 ..6 ..1 DDX7039...
  • Page 3: Installation Procedure

    Installation Procedure ¤ 1. To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - battery. • If the power is not turned ON (or it is ON, but will be OFF 2. Make the proper input and output wire immediately), the speaker wire may have a short-circuit connections for each unit.
  • Page 4 Mute wire (Brown) Connect to the terminal that is grounded when either the telephone rings or during conversation. To connect the Kenwood navigation system, consult your navigation manual. Depending on what antenna you are using, Motor antenna control wire (Blue) connect either to the control terminal of the motor antenna, or to the power terminal for the booster amplifier of the film-type antenna.
  • Page 5 FUSE ( 10A ) Rear view Cooling fan FM/AM antenna input Accessory1 REVERSE ILLUMI White/Black To front left speaker White REMO.CONT Gray/Black To front right speaker MUTE Gray Green/Black To rear left speaker Green ANT. CONT Purple/Black To rear right speaker P CONT Purple EXT.CONT...
  • Page 6: System Connection

    System Connection USB device USB terminal (commercially available) Do not connect. To Relay Box Accessory 2 Rear view ■ Audio/Visual Output • Visual output (Yellow) ■ Audio/Visual input • Visual input (Yellow) • Audio left input (White) • Audio right input (Red) ■...
  • Page 7: Optional Accessory Connection

    Optional Accessory Connection iPod (commercially available) Navigation System (Optional Accessory) KCA-iP300V (Optional Accessory) Audio Input Connection cable Audio Output (Included in the Navigation System) (Black) Visual Input Visual Output (Yellow) Rear view USB terminal USB terminal Connection cable (Included in the Disc changer) Disc Changer etc.
  • Page 8: Installing The Escutcheon

    Installing the Escutcheon For General Motors 1. Refer to the section <Removing the Hard Rubber Cut out to meet the shape of Frame> and then remove the hard rubber frame. the opening in the vehicle. 2. Cut out accessory 5 to meet the shape of the opening of the center console.
  • Page 9 Installation for Monitor/Player Unit Firewall or metal support Screw (M4X8) (commercially available) Bend the tabs of the mounting sleeve with a screwdriver or similar utensil and attach it in place. Accessory 3 Self-tapping screw Metal mounting strap (commercially available) (commercially available) Make sure that the unit is installed securely in place.
  • Page 10: Removing The Unit

    Removing Monitor/Player Unit Removing the Hard Rubber Frame Removing the Unit (escutcheon) 1. Remove the hard rubber frame by referring to the removal procedure in the section <Removing the 1. Engage the catch pins on the removal tool 4 and Hard Rubber Frame>.

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