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Whirlpool AKR 918 IX Instructions For Use

Extractor or filtering hood
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The minimum distance between the pan supports on the cooking appliance and the lowest part of the cooker
hood must not be less than 50 cm for electric cookers or 65 cm for gas or combination cookers. If the installation
instructions for the gas cooker specify a greater distance, this must be taken into account. It is advisable to
contact a qualified technician for installation.
Do not connect the hood to the electrical power supply until installation is completed.
Warning! Check whether the exhaust pipe and clamps are provided. If not, they must be purchased separately.
Note: Parts marked with the symbol "(*)" are optional accessories supplied only with some models or parts not
supplied, to be purchased separately.
Very heavy product; hood handling and installation must be carried out by at least two persons.
Pre-assemble the steam deflector on the motor assembly:
(a.) fit the steam deflector to the motor assembly, (b.) secure with 2 M6 x 20 screws and 2 Ø 14 x 12 bushings.
Pre-assembly of the electrical connection box:
(c.) remove the screws and washers on the extractor unit and remove the adhesive tape fixing the box to the extractor unit,
(d.) position the electrical connection box above the extractor unit, (e.) secure with 2 Ø 3.5 x 9.5 screws and 2 Ø 14 x 12
washers (previously removed).
1. Using a pencil, draw the centre line on the wall up to the ceiling to facilitate installation operations.
2. Apply the drilling template to the wall: Align the vertical centre-line on the drilling template with the centre-line drawn on
the wall. The template's bottom edge represents the bottom edge of the hood.
3. Drill as shown on the template, insert the wall plugs and screw in the top 2 screws, leaving a space of approx. 1 cm
between the screw head and the wall.
Note: Drill all the holes indicated on the template: the top 2 holes are for hanging the hood and the bottom hole is for
fixing it securely to the wall.
4. Fit the flue support bracket "G" to the wall and against the ceiling, use the support bracket as hole diagram (the small slot
on the support must match the line drawn on the wall - step 1) and mark 2 holes with the pencil, drill the holes (Ø 8 mm),
and finally insert 2 plugs.
5. Fix the flue support bracket to the wall with 2 screws.
6. Hang the hood on the 2 top screws.
7. Screw in the bottom screw (and washer!) to fix the hood securely in place (COMPULSORY!!).
After checking the alignment of the hood, TIGHTEN ALL THE SCREWS - top and bottom.
Note: the bottom fixing, positioned in the centre, is visible upon removal of the grease filter and the carbon filter frame
(if present).
8. Connect an exhaust pipe (pipe and clamps are not supplied and must be bought separately) to the collar B located above
the extraction motor unit.
For extractor operation, connect the other end of the exhaust pipe to the home discharge device.
For filter operation, fix the deflector F to the flue support bracket G and connect the other end of the exhaust pipe to the
deflector collar F.
9. Make all necessary electrical connections.
10. Fit the flues over the extractor unit, engaging them in their seat above the hood.
11. Slide the top section of the flue and secure it with 2 screws (11a) to the flue support bracket "G" (11b).
Refit the carbon filter frame and the grease filter/s and check for correct hood operation.
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