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Maintaining Your Battery; Disposing Of Used Batteries - Toshiba C855-S5343 User Manual

Satellite c855-s5343.
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Mobile Computing

Disposing of used batteries

Maintaining your battery

Fully discharging your battery pack will allow better accuracy of
the battery meter.
To fully discharge your battery pack:
Periodically, disconnect the computer from a power source and
operate it on battery power until the battery pack fully
If you have extra battery packs, rotate their use.
If you will not be using the system for an extended period,
more than one month, remove the battery pack.
Store spare battery packs in a cool dry place out of direct
Disposing of used batteries
The life of a battery pack depends on usage. When the battery pack
needs replacing, the main battery light flashes amber shortly after
you have fully recharged the battery.
You must discard a battery if it becomes damaged.
After repeated use, the batteries will finally lose their ability to hold
a charge and you will need to replace them. Under certain
applicable laws and regulations, it may be illegal to dispose of old
batteries by placing them in the trash.
Never attempt to dispose of a battery pack by burning or by
throwing it into a fire, and never allow exposure to a heating
apparatus (e.g., microwave oven). Heat can cause a battery pack to
explode and/or release caustic liquid, both which may possibly
cause serious injury.
Always dispose of used battery packs in compliance with all
applicable laws and regulations. Put insulating tape, such as
cellophane tape, on the electrode during transportation to avoid a
possible short circuit, fire or electric shock. Failure to do so could
possibly result in serious injury.
Always use the battery pack supplied as an accessory or an
equivalent battery pack specified in the User's Manual. Other
battery packs have different voltage and terminal polarities. Use of
non-conforming battery packs could generate smoke or cause fire or
rupture, possibly resulting in serious injury.


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