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Checking Total Memory - Toshiba C855-S5343 User Manual

Satellite c855-s5343.
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Reconnect the cables.
Restart the computer.
Upon restarting your computer, touch any key to return to the login
in screen.

Checking total memory

When you add or remove a memory module, you can check that the
computer has recognized the change. To do this:
Press the (
The System window appears. Installed memory (RAM) is
displayed below the System heading.
If the computer does not recognize the memory configuration, turn
off the computer and remove the memory module slot cover
(complete steps
and then check that the module is inserted completely into the
socket and lined up squarely with the socket latches.
Always make sure your computer and AC adaptor have adequate
ventilation and are protected from overheating when the power is turned
on or when an AC adaptor is connected to a power outlet (even if your
computer is in Sleep mode). In this condition, observe the following:
Never cover your computer or AC adaptor with any object.
Never place your computer or AC adaptor near a heat source,
such as an electric blanket or heater.
Never cover or block the air vents including those located at the
underside of the computer.
Always operate your computer on a hard flat surface. Using your
computer on a carpet or other soft material can block the vents
located at the underside of the computer.
Overheating your computer or AC adaptor could cause system
failure, computer or AC adaptor damage or a fire, possibly resulting
in serious injury.
TECHNICAL NOTE: You must have at least one memory module
installed for the computer to work.
) +
keys, and then click System.
"Installing a memory module" on page
Getting Started
Adding memory (optional)


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