Safety Instructions - Pioneer DVR-XD10 Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety instructions

To ensure your personal safety and to maximize the full operating potential of your unit, read and follow
these safety instructions.
Read & Retain Instructions – Read all operating and user information provided with this drive.
Cleaning – Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior housing. Avoid using any fluids including liquid,
aerosol or alcohol-based cleaning products.
Water or Moisture – Avoid operating or locating this drive near water or other sources of fluid.
Accessories – Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand, or table. The product may fall and
be seriously damaged.
Ventilation – Slots and openings in the chassis are for cooling and proper operation of the unit. Do NOT
block or cover the openings. Do NOT place this unit on a bed, rug, etc. as this can block the openings.
This unit should not be placed in a built-in installation unless properly ventilated.
Operation – Avoid moving, lifting or reorienting this drive while a disc is rotating inside.
Environment – Avoid installing this drive in a location with exposure to large quantities of dust, high
temperatures, high humidity, or subject to excessive vibrations or shocks.
Power Sources – Operate this drive only from the recommended power sources. If you are unsure of the
power source, consult an authorized Pioneer representative.
Power-Cord Protection – When unplugging the unit, pull on the plug – not on the cord. Do not handle
the cord or plug with wet hands; doing so could cause an electric short or shock. Do not allow anything
to pinch or rest on the power cord and do not place in a walkway.
Power – Turn OFF the system before installing this or any other hardware device.
Overloading – Avoid connecting too many devices to a single wall socket or power source as this can
cause fires or short circuits.
Object & Liquid Entry – Never push inappropriate objects in to the device. Avoid spilling any liquids in
to or on the outside of the drive.
Condensation – Moisture can form in the operating section of the product if the drive is taken from cool
surroundings to a room with a warmer temperature. Let the drive stand for one to two hours in the new
location before turning it ON.
Servicing – Opening or removing the cover exposes you to possible electrical shock or other danger.
Contact a Pioneer authorized service representative for repairing this drive (refer to the enclosed Service
& Support Card).



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