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HP 742n - Pavilion - 512 MB RAM White Paper

Scheduling operations on managed pcs.
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S c h e d u lin g O p e r a tio n s
What is Operations Scheduling?
In HP Top Tools Device Manager, several of the
desktop management-related functions can be
scheduled for a later date, rather than performed
immediately. These operations can be carried
out automatically and do not require a human
presence once they have been launched.
In addition, the management task to be
scheduled may be incompatible with programs
normally employed by the user (it is
recommended to exit all applications whenever
any new software is installed) or may require the
PC to be shutdown and then rebooted. In these
cases it is more efficient to carry out the
management task when the PC is not in use.
The Operations Scheduling option meets these
requirements. For example, you can schedule a
System Software Update to begin at midnight to
minimize the impact on PC end users.
How to use Scheduling
Functions in Top Tools (version 5.0) that may be
scheduled are:
Power On
Power Off
White Paper
Scheduling Operations on
Managed PCs
Update System Software (drivers, utilities,
Add Printer
Top Tools Agent Deployment
In order to implement the scheduling features,
HP Top Tools makes use of T T T T a a a a s s s s k k k k S S S S c c c c h h h h e e e e du
add-on component of Microsoft's Internet
Task Scheduler is bundled with Internet
Explorer 5.
Windows 2000 Task Scheduler
In Windows 2000 the Task Scheduler is present
as an OS installation option. When installed, it is
available as an icon in the Control Panel. From
, select:
Start Menu
Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel
and then click on the
open the Scheduled Tasks properties window.
When you install TopTools Device Manager, the
installation wizard checks to make sure that
Task Scheduler is installed.
dul l l l e e e e r r r r , an
icon to
Scheduled Tasks
July 2000


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    S c h e d u lin g O p e r a tio n s White Paper Scheduling Operations on Managed PCs What is Operations Scheduling? Update System Software (drivers, utilities, • BIOS) In HP Top Tools Device Manager, several of the Add Printer •...

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    Windows Task Scheduler Schedule a Task from TopTools dates or otherwise redefine an already- scheduled operation. To set a task in TopTools Device Manager so TopTools itself does not provide an option to that it is executed at a specified time in the manipulate already-scheduled tasks.

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    TopTools Version The details in this White Paper apply to HP TopTools version 5.0, TopTools 5.0 Value Pack and later. If you have TopTools 4.5 Device Manager version A.04.50, or TopTools 4.5 Value Pack version A.04.70, you must download and install a patch to upgrade TopTools to the functionality described here.

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