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HP 742n - Pavilion - 512 MB RAM Manual

Hp pavilion desktop pcs - (english) dvd+r-rw booklet.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 hp pavilion home pc hp dvd writer...
  • Page 2 © Hewlett-Packard Company, 2002. All rights reserved. HP shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, Hewlett-Packard is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard performance, or use of this material.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Using the hp dvd writer ......1 Editing Video Files ..........16 hp dvd writer Drive Features........1 Editing video with ShowBiz......16 Compatible Discs ..........2 Recording Video Files.......... 19 hp dvd writer Software .......... 6 Using MyDVD ..........19 Locating Software ..........
  • Page 4 HP Pavilion home PC...
  • Page 5: Using The Hp Dvd Writer

    Using the hp dvd writer Your HP Pavilion home PC includes the Store, edit, and preserve video files from hp dvd writer 200 series, which is a DVD various video sources. rewritable (DVD+RW/R) optical drive. This Play music CDs and DVD movies. guide tells you about the hp dvd writer drive Read data CDs and DVDs.
  • Page 6: Compatible Discs

    Compatible Discs Your hp dvd writer drive can read and record the following audio formats: The hp dvd writer drive is able to read from and WAV and MP3, WMA, CDA for CDs record to almost every type of optical disc. WAV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMA, and Writing speed rates for the hp dvd writer drive Layer 2 files for DVDs...
  • Page 7 Disc type Size Disc features/compatibility With this disc you can DVD-ROM 4.7 GB to Read-only Play DVD movies. 17 GB (software, audio, data, (Digital Play DVD games. video files). Versatile Disc Single-sided or double-sided read-only format. memory) Single-layered or dual-layered format.
  • Page 8 Disc type Size Disc features/compatibility With this disc you can DVD+RW 4.7 GB Rewrites about 1000 times. Use for temporary storage when creating and editing your DVD movie. These discs (DVD Records video files in 60 to can be erased and reused. rewritable) 180 minutes, depending on resolution and sampling rate.
  • Page 9 Disc type Size Disc features/compatibility With this disc you can CD-RW 650 MB or Rewrites about 1000 times. Make a temporary copy of a CD. Discs can 700 MB be erased and reused. (compact disc Records video files: 8 to 24 rewritable) minutes.
  • Page 10: Hp Dvd Writer Software

    hp dvd writer Software The HP Pavilion has various programs preinstalled that you can use with the hp dvd writer drive: Sonic MyDVD™ ArcSoft ShowBiz InterVideo WinDVD Windows Media Player HP RecordNow HP DLA CyberLink PowerDVD Windows Movie Maker Note: Either InterVideo WinDVD or CyberLink PowerDVD is preinstalled, depending on your country/region.
  • Page 11 Icon Software What you can do Recommended discs CyberLink Play DVD movies, music CDs, and video DVD-ROMs PowerDVD CDs that you create or buy. (preinstalled for some countries/regions) Windows Media Play music CDs. CD-ROMs Player Play DVD movies. CD-Rs, CD-RWs (preinstalled) Record music files.
  • Page 12 Icon Software What you can do Recommended discs Windows Movie Import video and other media. CD-Rs, CD-RWs Maker Create and edit video project into WMV format. DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs (preinstalled) Preview files. Send movie using e-mail or to a Web server. InterVideo Play DVD movies, music CDs, and video CDs DVD-ROMs...
  • Page 13 Icon Software What you can do Recommended discs ArcSoft ShowBiz Capture video directly from a digital or an Use DVD+R discs to create movies analog video source. that play on DVD video players or (preinstalled) on PCs with DVD-ROMs and Note: To import analog video, you need an playback software.
  • Page 14: Locating Software

    Locating Software Using the hp dvd writer To open the hp dvd writer software programs, When you first insert a CD or DVD into your click Start on the taskbar, choose All ® hp dvd writer drive, Windows XP gives you Programs, select the program folder, and then options for the type of disc you insert.
  • Page 15 You can choose to have this action occur If you later decide that you want to change the automatically each time you insert a blank CD by option you have set: selecting the Always do the selected action box. 1 Click Start. 2 Click My Computer.
  • Page 16: Recording Audio And Data Files

    Recording Audio and Data Files You can record and customize audio files and back up large data files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs with HP RecordNow. For best recording results, HP recommends that you don’t perform any other tasks while recording.
  • Page 17 Click Make a Music Disc to create music 3 Press the Eject button on the hp dvd writer CDs from various audio files that are drive, and insert the blank CD-R, CD-RW, downloaded from the Internet, recorded DVD+R, or DVD+RW disc. from your hard drive files, or recorded from 4 Follow onscreen instructions to complete other CDs.
  • Page 18: About Recording Music

    About recording music About recording data HP RecordNow records music CDs that are When recording data files, HP RecordNow can closed CDs. This means that you must record all update existing files that have been previously music files in one recording session. When a recorded and add new files to rewritable CDs.
  • Page 19: About Recording With Hp Dla

    About recording with HP DLA 5 Under Format type, select Full or Quick (erase). You must select the quick format for HP DLA allows you to use the hp dvd writer drive all CD-R and DVD+R discs. You must select the like a diskette drive by using the drag-and-drop full format for a CD-RW or DVD+RW disc the capability.
  • Page 20: Editing Video Files

    Editing Video Files 9 Click OK. 10 When the disc formatting is complete, you can You can use ArcSoft ShowBiz (ShowBiz) to edit copy your files to the dvd writer drive icon. your video files before you save them to your If after you record your files, you want to read hard drive or record them to CDs or DVDs.
  • Page 21 ShowBiz and MyDVD are linked with the Send to 2 Attach your digital video camcorder or other Editor and Export buttons. This means you can: digital video device to your PC if using a camcorder as the source of video files. Click First, import your video files from your the Capture button to transfer video files from camcorder or other digital source using...
  • Page 22 4 Click Save under the Project section to save Click Export, and then click To MyDVD your video project to your hard drive. This Project. The movie you created is combined option allows you to make additional changes into a single video file. The video file is added to your video files before recording them to to your current MyDVD project, and a button is disc.
  • Page 23: Recording Video Files

    Recording Video Files If you need help creating DVD movies or recording in MyDVD, refer to the MyDVD User You can use HP RecordNow, MyDVD, or Guide. To open this guide, click Start, ShowBiz to record video files to CDs and DVDs. choose All Programs, Sonic MyDVD, Documentation, and then click MyDVD User Video quality depends on the quality of the...
  • Page 24 3 Press the Eject button on the hp dvd writer 8 Click the Preview button on the MyDVD drive, and insert the blank CD-R, CD-RW, toolbar. A remote control appears. Click the DVD+R, or DVD+RW disc. remote control buttons to play the movie. Close the remote control when finished.
  • Page 25: Editing Dvds And Vcds

    Editing DVDs and VCDs 4 Click Edit an Existing VCD, or DVD. 5 Click Finish. When the browse window MyDVD can save changes back to your recorded appears, select the dvd writer drive icon, and videos files if the disc was created in MyDVD. then click OK.
  • Page 26: Watching Dvd Movies

    Watching DVD Movies 2 The InterVideo WinDVD or CyberLink PowerDVD program starts automatically with Note: the movie’s menu displayed. If not, click Start, InterVideo WinDVD or CyberLink PowerDVD is preinstalled, depending on your country/region. choose All Programs, InterVideo WinDVD, and then click InterVideo You can watch commercially prerecorded or WinDVD.
  • Page 27: More Information

    More Information HP DVD Web site at For more information about your hp dvd writer for more information about your hp dvd writer drive and DVD Writer programs, refer to the: drive and disc compatibility with other DVD Printed Quick Start Guide included with your video players.

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