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Frigidaire FASG7021NW Use & Care Manual page 7

Complete owner's guide (english)
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Operating Your Dryer, continued
Check that the lint fi lter is
clean and in place.
Do not operate dryer without lint
fi lter in place.
Load the dryer and close the door.
• Load items loosely. The average wet load will
fi ll the drum 1/3 to 1/2 full. Items need room to
tumble freely for even drying and less wrinkling.
• If desired, place a dryer fabric softener sheet on
top of the load at the beginning of the cycle.
• To save energy and time and avoid uneven drying
and wrinkling, do not overload the dryer.
• When drying large items, dry only two or three
items at a time. Fill out the load with small and
medium sized items.
• For delicate or very small loads, add two or three
similar items to improve tumbling action.
Select the appropriate cycle and settings for
each load.
Over-drying can cause wrinkles, shrinkage, lint,
harshness and a build up of static electricity.
• Turn the cycle selector knob in either direction to
select the cycle desired.
• The estimated drying time for Auto Dry cycles or
the actual drying time for Timed Dry cycles will be
• A suitable drying temperature, dryness level and
options will automatically be indicated for the cycle
selected. See the "Dryer Settings Chart" for more
• To change the drying temperature and dryness
level, press the temp or dry level buttons to scroll
to the desired settings.
• To select or delete an option, press options; then,
while the indicator is blinking, press select. The
indicator will light when the option has been se-
lected. It will no longer be lighted when the option
has been deleted.
If a setting is not available for the cycle selected, the
indicator will not light.
• Adjustments made to a cycle will be remembered
and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the
Start the cycle.
• To add or remove items when the dryer is running,
open the door. The dryer will stop when the door
is opened. Allow the drum to come to a complete
stop before reaching inside.
• Close the door and press START to resume the cycle.
If drying a single large or bulky item, such as a
comforter, remove the item part way through the cycle
and turn it "inside out" to maximize drying effectiveness.
Place item back in dryer and re-start cycle.
When the cycle ends, remove items immedi-
ately and hang or fold.
Clean the lint fi lter after every load.
To return to factory
settings, press these
two buttons at the
same time and
hold until the signal



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