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Cycle Settings - Frigidaire FASG7021NW Use & Care Manual

Complete owner's guide (english)
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Cycle Selection, continued
heavy duty
Select this Auto Dry cycle to dry durable fabrics such as
jeans and overalls.
towels (on select models)
Select this Auto Dry cycle for towels and bath mats.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for cotton items.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for cottons and blends with a
no-iron fi nish.
delicates (on select models)
Select this Auto Dry cycle for knits and delicate items.
Timed Dry Cycles
To avoid fi re hazard, do not use heat to dry items
containing feathers or down, foam rubber, plastics
similarly textured, rubber-like materials. Use the Timed
Dry cycle and the Air Dry setting.
quick dry (on select models)
Select this timed cycle to quickly dry small loads in 25
steam refresh (on select models)
Select this cycle to refresh fabrics, remove odors and
reduce static by injecting the perfect amount of steam
into clothing that has been left in the dryer, stored in
crowded closets, drawers, or unpacked luggage.
time dry
To manually select the drying time for any load, turn
the knob to Timed Dry. Drying times from 30 to 90
minutes can be selected by continuing to turn the
knob. Drying time will be displayed. You will not be able
to select a dryness level.

Cycle Settings

For best results
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be dried.
Appropriate drying Temperature, Dryness Level and
Options will automatically be displayed for each cycle.
The settings can be changed before the cycle is started.
If changes are attempted after the cycle starts, the lights
will blink, the signal will beep and " Err " will be displayed.
Drying Temperature
To change the preset temperature, press the temp
button to scroll to the desired setting.
To protect your fabrics, not all temperatures are available
with every cycle.
The temperature selected for the cycle will be remembered
and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future.
To change the Temperature after the cycle starts, press
pause, adjust the setting and press START to resume
the cycle.
sanitize (on select models)
Recommended for durable fabrics and towels. Use to
remove harmful bacteria from your laundry. Use this option
for clothing or other items where sanitization is desired.
Only sanitizing cycles have been designed to meet the
requirements of NSF P154 protocol for sanitization effi cacy.
Sanitization Performance of
Residential Clothes Dryers
This option will kill 99.9% of bacteria with no carryover of
bacteria between loads. A higher temperatures is required.
Please check fabric care labels to prevent damage.
To return to factory
settings, press these
two buttons at the
same time and
hold until the signal
NSF Protocol P154



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