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Frigidaire FASG7021NW Use & Care Manual page 10

Complete owner's guide (english)
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Cycle Settings, continued
max (on select models)
Recommended for durable fabrics and towels.
Recommended for most cotton fabrics.
Recommended for wrinkle free, easy care, lightweight
fabrics and bulky loads.
Recommended for delicate fabrics.
air dry
This setting (no heat) should only be used with a
Timed Dry cycle to dry items containing feathers,
down, foam rubber, plastics or rubber-like materials;
to refresh clothing, stuffed animal, pillows or blankets;
and to dust draperies.
Dryness Level (Auto Dry)
To change the preset level, press the dry level button to
scroll to the degree of dryness desired.
To protect your fabrics, not all dryness levels are available
with every cycle. If a dry level is not appropriate for the
cycle, it cannot be selected.
The dry level selected for the cycle will be remembered
and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future.
To change the dry level after the cycle starts, press
pause, adjust the setting and press START to resume
the cycle.
Select the normal dry level for most Auto Dry cycles.
Occasionally a load may seem too damp or over-dried at
the end of the cycle. To increase drying time for similar
loads in the future, select high. For loads requiring less
drying time, select low.
Select damp for items you wish to partially dry before
hanging or ironing.
To return to factory
settings, press these
two buttons at the
same time and
hold until the signal
To select an option, press options until the indicator
for the desired option fl ashes, then press select. If an
option is not available for a cycle, the indicator will not
light. Follow the same steps to delete an option.
shrink guard (on select models)
To change the options after the cycle starts, press
pause, adjust the setting and press START to resume
the cycle.
Select shrink guard to lower the initial drying
temperature to protect fabrics from overdrying.
wrinkle release
Select wrinkle release if the dried load might not
be removed promptly at the end of the cycle. The dry
load will continue tumbling without heat to help reduce
wrinkling. When Chime is selected, a beep will be
heard periodically. The load may be removed any time
during wrinkle release.
damp alert (on select models)
For loads that contain some items you plan to hang
dry, fl at dry or iron, add the damp alert option to
any Auto Dry cycle. A signal will sound when the load
has reached the damp dryness level to remind you to
remove those items to hang dry, dry fl at or iron dry.
Open the door, remove those items, close the door
and press the START button to continue drying the
remaining items.
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle (and
periodically during wrinkle release) if this option is
selected. The signal has an adjustable volume level or
can be turned off.



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