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Additional Features; Single Controller Configuration - D-Link DSN-6020 Brochure & Specs

Dsn-6000 series ha-capable 4x1gbe or 2x10gbe iscsi san array
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total of 512 writable or read-only snapshots are supported and compliant to
Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS). These snapshots can
be implemented manually or through automated scheduling which allows
hourly or daily configuration. In addition, the snapshot technology follows
the block-level copy-on-write technology which provides fast recovery of
data in case of a disk failure, file corruption or program malfunction. 
Remote replication, cloning and snapshot technology are supplied as
standard features in all DSN-6000 Series storage solutions, at no additional

Additional Features

The DSN-6000 Series incorporates advanced high availability features such as
RAID 6 and RAID 60, writable snapshots, Microsoft Windows VSS support, and
volume configuration restoration. These advanced features help to reduce
or eliminate any system downtime. Unlike other vendors, D-Link's DSN-6000
Series (with a secondary controller installed) is able to upgrade its onboard
firmware without the need for a system reboot or any system downtime.
Firmware images and volume handling are protected by the redundant
controllers, when one RAID controller is down or has lost its connection, the
other RAID controller takes over the tasks immediately. This ensures that
volumes and services are transferred seamlessly and simultaneously.
The optimized IOPS and throughput are capable of providing the necessary
performance for critical online services such as cloud storage, SQL, Microsoft
Exchange, video editing and video streaming applications. Furthermore,
with its iSCSI interface, D-Link's DSN-6000 Series is ideal for virtualization
environments like VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix.
The DSN-6000 Series appears in the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide,
Citrix XenServer Hardware Compatibility List and the Microsoft Windows
Server Catalog.
SATA drives in the following configurations need a SATA bridge board:

Single Controller Configuration

• DSN-6110
• DSN-6410
Expansion Options
The DSN-6110 & DSN-6410 primary arrays each support 12 internal SAS/SATA
hard drives and with the addition of up to four DSN-6020 expansion arrays,
can scale to a total of 180TB of raw storage capacity using 3TB
Green Energy Savings
The DSN-6000 Series is equipped with D-Link Green features for saving power.
When properly configured, the power consumption of hard drives can be
reduced to a minimum using the auto disk spin down feature. The DSN-6000
Series array monitors environmental temperatures to optimize the cooling
mechanism. The fan modules respond only when needed. The power supply
modules are all 80 PLUS power efficient, providing a more favorable power
conversion rate. These power-saving features help to greatly reduce energy
consumption and increase the product's lifespan, which is critical in a data
center environment.
RAID support
The DSN-6000 Series iSCSI SAN arrays support RAID levels 0, 1 (N-way mirror),
0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 and JBOD for data protection and performance.
SATA Bridge Board (DSN-654)
The DSN-654 SAS to SATA bridge board is designed to enable single-ported
SATA drives to connect seamlessly like native dual-ported SAS drives. The
DSN-654 is required for each drive, for SATA deployments in a dual controller
configuration or with SATA hard drives having capacities of 3TB or greater,
as described in the diagram below. Also, these same rules will apply to SATA
drives installed in any additional DSN-6020 expansion enclosures.
Dual Controller Configuration
• DSN-6110+DSN-610
• DSN-6410+DSN-640
Needs DSN-654 for
3TB and over
No DSN-654 required
DSN-6000 Series
Needs DSN-654
No DSN-654 required



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