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High Availability - D-Link DSN-6020 Brochure & Specs

Dsn-6000 series ha-capable 4x1gbe or 2x10gbe iscsi san array
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Redundant Architecture:
• RAID Controllers
• Dual-Controller Configuration: DSN-6110 + DSN-610
• Dual-Controller Configuration: DSN-6410 + DSN-640
• Dual, Hot-Swappable 500 Watt Power Supplies
• Two Hot-Swap Fan Modules
• Battery Backup Module: Provides Cache Protection up
to 72 hours
• JBOD expansion with redundant SAS controllers
Advanced Data Protection:
• RAID support: 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
• Up to 512 Writeable Snapshots
• Windows VSS Support
• Volume Cloning
• Replication for up to 8 volumes
• Full and Incremental Replication Support
• Manual & Scheduled Task Support
• Dedicated Port Reservation for Data Replication Usage
• Windows and Linux Host Utilities Support
High Availability Network Connections:
• Load-balancing
• Failover
Energy Saving Design:
• Auto Disk Spin-Down
• Auto Fan Speed
• 80 PLUS Energy-Efficient Power Supply
DSN-6000 Series
A Choice of Host Interfaces – Four 1GbE or Two 10GbE
Both the DSN-6110 and DSN-6410 each support Link Aggregation Groups (LAG), Multi-
Path I/O (MPIO) and Multiple Connections per Session (MCS) for flexibility, performance
and resiliency.
The DSN-6110 can have its four 1GbE ports grouped together for up to 450 MB/s
bandwidth. With the addition of a secondary controller (DSN-610) the available
throughput increases up to 900 MB/s bandwidth.
The DSN-6410 utilizes two built-in fully integrated 10GbE interfaces as a high
performance alternative to 4Gbps Fibre Channel, for up to 650 MB/s. With the addition
of a secondary controller (DSN-640) the available throughput increases up to 1,300
MB/s bandwidth. Each DSN-6410 array and DSN-640 controller comes standard with
one 10GbE SFP+ transceiver and one optical cable providing industry standard LC-

High Availability

The DSN-6110 & DSN-6410 primary arrays, based on a single controller, each provides
an ideal platform for nearline storage requirements such as disk-to-disk backup, data
archiving and video surveillance.
With the addition of a secondary controller (DSN-610 for the DSN-6110 and
DSN-640 for the DSN-6410) the DSN-6000 Series can provide the failover, redundancy
and performance required for mission critical scenarios such as Virtual Machine (VM)
shares, databases, Online Transactional Processing (OLTP), email applications, storage
consolidation and your other primary storage needs. When deployed with redundant
controllers, the DSN-6000 series is equipped with fully redundant components for
all major functions including RAID controllers, host connectivity, power supplies, fan
modules, battery backup modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports. The hot-pluggable
design allows for uninterrupted services, even while replacing failed components.
Additionally, the active-active controller design allows for online firmware upgrades,
eliminating the need for a system reboot or additional downtime when updating the
system to the latest software code.
Remote Replication, Cloning and Snapshots
Remote replication provides continuous data protection ensuring your valuable data is
safe in the event of a catastrophic system failure in your primary site or data center. One
source target can be set up with multiple destination targets, allowing administrators
to replicate data to different locations. These replication jobs can be set up for manual
or automated scheduling allowing hourly or daily configuration.
Volume cloning can be used to backup data from a source volume to a target volume,
set up a backup schedule, and deploy rules for creating these backups.
Snapshot technology ensures data can be restored quickly and easily from a point-
in-time copy and easily without the need for lengthy restore from a backup. Up to a



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