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  Summary of Contents for Amazon KINDLE PAPERWHITE

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Kindle User’s Guide Contents Contents Chapter 1 Getting Started ................5 Registering your Kindle ..
  • Page 3 Kindle User’s Guide Contents Chapter 4 Getting More From Your Kindle ............17 Customizing Your Kindle Settings ..
  • Page 4 Kindle User’s Guide Contents KINDLE LICENSE AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE ........26 ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ..............26 Warranty Provider ..
  • Page 5: Chapter 1 Getting Started

    If you bought your Kindle online using your Amazon account, it is already registered to you. To verify, tap the Home button and look for your Amazon user name in the upper left corner of the Home screen. If it says My Kindle or shows the name of a previous owner instead of your own Amazon account name, you’ll need to register it.
  • Page 6: Onscreen Actions

    Onscreen actions Your new Kindle Paperwhite features a touchscreen interface that allows you to perform many tasks with just a tap or swipe of a finger. To select an item, simply tap it. For example, tap a book name on your Home screen to open the book, or tap a button to perform that button’s action.
  • Page 7: Portrait/Landscape Modes

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 1 Getting Started Portrait mode Landscape mode If you prefer, you can change pages by swiping the screen with your finger. To go to the next page, swipe your finger from the right to the left across the screen. To go to the previous page, swipe your finger from the left to the right across the screen.
  • Page 8: Toolbars

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 1 Getting Started Toolbars EasyReach also lets you tap the top of the screen to display a toolbar containing the following options: Home button: This button takes you to the Home screen, where you’ll find a list of books and other content stored on your Kindle.
  • Page 9 Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 1 Getting Started A secondary toolbar appears when you’re reading a book. Text button: Tap to display font and text options for your Kindle books, including font size, typeface, line spacing, margins, and publisher font. Go To button: The options displayed will vary depending on the content you’re reading, but may include Beginning, Page or Location, and chapter titles.
  • Page 10: Status Indicators

    Wi-Fi network, and registering your Kindle to an Amazon account. If you haven’t done these steps yet, go to the Home screen now, select Set Up Your Kindle, and follow the onscreen prompts. Once you have completed the setup process, Set Up Your Kindle will no longer appear on your Home screen.
  • Page 11: Special Offers And Sponsored Screensavers

    Kindle during the Wi-Fi setup process. Once you have successfully connected to a network, the Wi-Fi status indicator will display the network’s signal strength. Kindle Paperwhite 3G models use the same technology as cell phones, so they are dependent on cellular coverage areas. By default, a 3G Kindle device will automatically connect to a 3G network.
  • Page 12: Chapter 2 Acquiring & Managing Kindle Content

    “content” throughout this guide. To display a list of content on your Kindle Paperwhite, tap the Home button. To view how much free space you have available for storing content, from the Home screen tap the Menu button, and select Settings.
  • Page 13: Using Collections

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 2 Acquiring & Managing Kindle Content To jump to a specific title or page, tap x/y on the Home screen. When the dialog box appears, enter the page number you want to go to or the first letter of the title or author (depending upon your current sort option).
  • Page 14: Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents Understanding Kindle display technology Your Kindle uses a high-resolution display technology called electronic ink (E Ink). The display is reflective, which means you can read it clearly even in bright sunlight. E Ink uses ink just like books and newspapers, but it displays the ink particles electronically.
  • Page 15: Interacting With Your Documents

    Settings from the Home screen menu, then tap Reading Options and change the Popular Highlights setting. You can also display highlights and notes from people that you follow on To turn off this option, select Settings...
  • Page 16: Viewing Reading Progress

    Your specific reading speed is stored only on your Kindle; it is not stored on Amazon servers. When reading, select Reading Progress from the menu, then choose a display option.
  • Page 17: Chapter 4 Getting More From Your Kindle

    Wi-Fi Networks: Displays the number of detected Wi-Fi networks and the name of the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to, if any. Registration: Indicates the Amazon account name to which your Kindle is registered. Use this option to register and deregister the device.
  • Page 18: The Settings Contextual Menu

    Annotations Backup: Allows you to toggle on and off the automatic backup of your annotations, last page read, and collections to Amazon’s servers. Popular Highlights: Allows you to toggle on and off the display of passages that are most frequently highlighted by others.
  • Page 19: Reading Kindle Content On Other Devices

    Kindle from your computer’s desktop. Using the Experimental Web Browser Your Kindle includes a web browser that enables you to surf the web and view most Amazon web pages. Web Browser supports JavaScript, SSL, and cookies, but does not support media plug-ins.
  • Page 20: Web Browser Menu

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 4 Getting More from Your Kindle The following tips will help you get the most out of the Kindle Web Browser: • To zoom in on a web page or image, place two fingers close together on the center of the screen and move them apart.
  • Page 21: Chapter 5 Finding Additional Assistance

    Kindle User’s Guide Chapter 5 Finding Additional Assistance Chapter 5 Finding Additional Assistance The Kindle Customer Service website at has helpful information, including frequently asked questions and how-to videos.
  • Page 22: Appendix A Product Information

    Kindle’s limited warranty. Read all safety instructions for any accessories before using with your Kindle. Servicing Your Device If your device needs service, please contact Amazon Customer Support. Contact details can be found at Faulty service may void the warranty.
  • Page 23: Other Safety Considerations

    Kindle User’s Guide Appendix A Product Information Other Safety Considerations Engaging in repetitive motions such as pressing keys or playing some games may cause you to experience occasional discomfort in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body. Discontinue use of your device and consult a physician if you experience discomfort.
  • Page 24: Fcc Compliance Statement

    Kindle User’s Guide Appendix A Product Information In addition, turn off and do not charge your device if you are in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere, as sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire. Such areas are usually, but not always, clearly identified, and include areas where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicle engine.
  • Page 25: Ieee 1725 Battery Safety Statement

    EU Declaration of Conformity Hereby, Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc., declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of RTTE Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available at:
  • Page 26: Kindle License Agreement And Terms Of Use

    Kindle User’s Guide Appendix A Product Information KINDLE LICENSE AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE Please read the applicable License Agreement and Terms of Use found at: ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY This Warranty for the Kindle Device (the “Device”) is provided by the entity set forth in the table below.
  • Page 27: Warranty Provider

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