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Sony PCWA-C800S - Wireless Lan Router Software Manual page 12

Wireless panel software
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The access point is registered to the Wireless Panel softw are and connected to the computer.
An encryption key is a passw ord used for netw orks using data encryption. The encryption key is also called WEP key or netw ork key. The number of
characters entered for the encryption key differs according to the access point encryption key length and ASCII/Hexadecimal settings (see table
below ).
Ke y form at
(alphanumeric characters and symbols) 40 bits
(0 to 9, A to F, a to f)
The Wireless Panel softw are automatically detects ASCII and hexadecimal formats.
The encryption key (WEP key) is displayed as asterisks.
Note s
When connecting to an access point set to its factory default settings, confirm the settings in the documentation provided w ith your access point.
When connecting to an existing access point, confirm the settings from the access point administrator.
Data encryption (WEP) prevents unauthorized access to data from outside. When data encryption is disabled for the access point, w e strongly
recommend that you enable it once you have established a connection to the access point (access point settings cannot be changed if you are not
connected). For details on how to set up the access point, refer to the documentation provided w ith your access point.
When using
an access point that supports the use of the "AP Setting" button
access point settings.
If you change the access point settings, you w ill no longer be able to connect to the access point because the access point and computer settings do
not match. You w ill be able to connect to the access point again if you change the Wireless Panel softw are settings to match those of the access
Peer to Peer Network connection mode
Register a peer-to-peer netw ork w hen you w ant to communicate w ith computers w ithout using an access point.
To register netw orks on computers running the Window s 2000 operating system, log on as one of the Administrators. You cannot register netw orks w hen logged
on as any other user.
You can register a combination of 32 access point and peer-to-peer netw orks.
Double-click the Wire le s s Pane l icon (
The Wireless Panel w indow appears.
Ke y le ngth
Num be r of characte rs
5 characters
104 bits
13 characters
40 bits
10 characters
104 bits
26 characters
, or
on the "Status" tab, clicking it displays a w indow used to customize
) on the tas k bar.
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