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• W A R N I N G •
This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information
on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer. The entire manual should be carefully read.


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    • W A R N I N G • This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer. The entire manual should be carefully read. Instruction Manual...

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    WARNING Smoke Detectors Please Read Carefully Smoke detectors that are a part of this system may not properly alert occupants of a fire for a number of reasons, some of which follow. The smoke detectors Note to Installers may have been improperly installed or positioned. Smoke may not be able to This warning contains vital information.

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    General System Operation Your security system is made up of a DSC control panel, one or more keypads and various sensors and detectors. The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility closet or in a basement. The metal cabinet contains the system electronics, fuses and stand-by battery.

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    System Information Fill out the following information for future reference and store this manual in a safe place. Access Codes Your Master Code is: __________________________________________ Additional Access Codes: 01 __________________ 09 ____________________ 17 ____________________ 25 ________________ 02 __________________ 10 ____________________ 18 ____________________ 26 ________________ 03 __________________...

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    ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________ [F] FIRE __________________________________________ [A] AUXILIARY ____________________________________ [P] PANIC ________________________________________ The Exit Delay Time is ________ seconds.

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    Access Codes Access codes are used to arm and disarm the system. There are 37 access codes available: 1 master code, 32 regular access codes, 2 duress codes and 2 supervision codes. Ask your installer for more information on using the duress and supervision codes. Only the Master Code can be used to program additional security codes and to change other system features as well as to arm and disarm the security system.

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    Alternate Arming Methods Away Arming Arming the system in the Away mode will have all interior zones and perimeter zones active. If motion is detected in the interior zones, or if one of the perimeter zones is violated, the alarm sequence will begin.

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    Disarming the System Disarming from an LED Keypad: Enter the premises through a designated Exit/Entry door; entering by any other door will sound an immediate alarm. As soon as the Exit/Entry door is opened, the keypad will beep to indicate that the system should be disarmed.

  • Page 9: Function Keys, Programming Security Codes

    If An Alarm Sounds Fire Alarm If your system has been installed with fire detectors and the alarm sounds in a pulsing mode, follow your emergency evacuation plan immediately (see “Fire Escape Planning” on page 15). Intrusion Alarm If an intrusion alarm sounds, indicated by a continuous Bell or Siren, the alarm may be silenced by entering your access code.

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    PC1555RKZ LED Keypad Emergency Keys (All Keypads) PC5508Z / LCD5500Z: Press both * Keys for two seconds to send a FIRE transmission. Press both * Keys for two seconds to send an AUXILIARY transmission. Press both * Keys for two seconds to send a PANIC transmission.

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    PC5508Z LED Keypad LCD5500Z Keypad The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) displays prompts PC5516(Z) LED Keypad and system information on two 16 character lines. If “< >” appears, more information can be accessed by using the arrow (< >) keys. Press [<] to see the previous function or item of information.

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    Programming codes from an LCD Keypad: Master Code Press the [ ] key to enter the function list. Scroll (< >) to... Press [5] or [ ]. The display will read... Press (*) for <> Access Codes Enter your current Master Code. The display will read... Enter Master Access Code “40P”...

  • Page 13: Viewing Trouble Conditions

    Zone Bypassing The zone bypassing function is used when access is needed to part of the protected area while the system is armed. Zones which are temporarily out of service due to damaged wiring or contacts may be bypassed to allow system arming until repairs can be made. Bypassed zones will not cause an alarm.

  • Page 14: Setting System Date/time

    To view troubles from an LED Keypad: A trouble will be indicated by the Trouble light (or System light on a PC1555RKZ keypad) which will remain ON until the trouble condition is cleared. If you cannot determine the cause of the trouble condition, contact your installer for assistance.

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    Testing Your System Alarm Test The Alarm Test provides two second test of the keypad sounder and bell or siren. Begin with the panel in the Ready state. From an LED keypad, Enter [ ][6][Master Code][4] then press [#] to return to the Ready state. From an LCD keypad, press [ ] to enter the functions list.

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    To activate the door chime from an LCD Keypad: Press [ ] to enter the function list, then scroll to find... Press [ ] or [4] to enable or disable the Door Chime feature. Press [#] to return to Press (*) For<> the Ready state.

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    Fire Escape Planning There is often very little time between the detection of a fire and the time it becomes deadly. It is thus very important that a family escape plan be developed and rehearsed. 1. Every family member should participate in developing the escape plan. 2.

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    LIMITED WARRANTY Digital Security Controls Ltd.’s liability for failure to repair the prod- uct under this warranty after a reasonable number of attempts will Digital Security Controls Ltd. warrants the original purchaser that be limited to a replacement of the product, as the exclusive remedy for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase, the prod- for breach of warranty.

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    NOTICE: The Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This AVIS: L’étiquette de l’Industrie Canada identifie le matériel homologué. Cette certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications étiquette certifie que le matériel est conforme à certaines normes de protection, network protective, operational and safety requirements. Industry Canada d’exploitation et de sécurité...

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    Security Products © 1999 Digital Security Controls Ltd. 1645 Flint Road, Downsview, Ontario, Canada M3J 2J6 Printed in Canada 29003371 R001...

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