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Remote Control; Making A Call; Receiving A Call; Call Waiting (Function Of Model-A, B, C, D, E, F) - Kenwood KCA-BT300 Instruction Manual

Bluetooth unit
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Remote control

Making a call

• Enters the dialing method selection mode :
] button
• Selects a dialing method : [38] button
• Number dial input:
Input a digit: [0] – [9]
Input "+": [¢]
Input "#": [FM]
Input "*": [AM]
Clear the entered phone number: [4]
☞ You can input max 32 digits.
• Makes a call : [DIRECT] button

Receiving a call

• Answers the call : [
] button
• Switches between the private talk mode and
the hands-free talk mode : [38] button
Call waiting
(Function of Model-A, B, C, D, E, F)
• Answering Another Incoming Call with the
Current Call Suspended : [
• Answering another Incoming Call after
Terminating the Current Call : [SRC] button
• Continuing the Current Call : [1] button

During a call

• End the call : [SRC] button
• Adjusts the voice volume : [VOL] buttons
• If your remote controller has a mode selection switch,
set it to "AUD".
• Remote controllers with the [
numeric buttons are available optionally. Purchase a
remote controller with a desired function.

Before Use

• You need to register your Bluetooth Audio player
before using it with this unit. For more details, see
<Registering Bluetooth device> (page 20).
• The Model-A, B, C, D, E, F allows you to select the
Bluetooth audio player you wish to connect. Refer
to <Selecting the Bluetooth device You Wish to
Connect> (page 22).
• For Model-G, H, I operate the Bluetooth Audio player
for connection.
• For the Model-J, K, L, refer to the Instruction Manual
for Control Unit.
Function of Model-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I

Playing Bluetooth Audio

Source select
] button
Pause and play
Music Search
• All or some of the operations above cannot be performed if
the Bluetooth audio player is not ready for remote contol.
• The information about the music played by the Bluetooth
audio player cannot be displayed. Either Bluetooth audio
player cannot be displayed, or "T- " is displayed.
• Switching between Bluetooth audio sources does not start
or stop playback automatically. Perform the operation for
] button and/or
starting or stopping playback.
• Some audio players cannot be controlled remotely or
reconnected after Bluetooth disconnection. Operate the
main unit of the audio player to connect Bluetooth.
• For Model-H, I: The buttons other than needed for operation
above may be appeared. However they are invalid.

Bluetooth Audio

Model-A, B, C, D, E, F, G:
Press the [SRC] button.
Select the "BT Audio EXT"/ "BT-A EXT"/ "EXT Media"/
MEDIA" display.
Model-H, I:
To select the source, select "EXT Media" with
reference to the Instruction Manual for Control
Press the [38] button.
Press the [4] or [¢] button.


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