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HP 2600fx - Optical Disk Drive User Manual

Hp surestore 2600fx user's guide.
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HP SureStore Optical 2600fx
Optical Disk Drive
User's Guide


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   Summary of Contents for HP 2600fx - Optical Disk Drive

  • Page 1

    HP SureStore Optical 2600fx Optical Disk Drive User’s Guide...

  • Page 3

    Hewlett-Packard Company. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this printed material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

  • Page 4

    Publication History New editions of this manual incorporate all material updated since the previous edition. The manual printing date and part number indicate its current edition. The printing date changes when a new edition is printed. (Minor corrections and updates incorporated at reprint do not cause this date to change.) Part number C1114-90000 Edition 1...

  • Page 5: About This Guide

    About This Guide This user’s guide includes: Chapter 1 set-up information for the HP SureStore Optical 2600fx optical disk drive Chapter 2 information about choosing and using optical disks Chapter 3 front panel control description, operating instructions, and troubleshooting information The Reference section includes: •...

  • Page 6: Typographical Conventions

    Typographical Conventions The following typographical conventions are used in this guide. Caution Caution calls attention to an operating procedure or practice which could result in damage to the product if not correctly performed. Do not proceed beyond this box until you fully understand and meet the indicated conditions.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Operating the Optical Disk Drive Identifying Front Panel Features ..........3-3 Manually Ejecting Disks ............3-4 Service and Supplies Supplies and Accessories ............A-3 Warranty and Service Information ........... A-5 Assistance from your local dealer ......... A-5 Assistance from Hewlett-Packard......... A-5 Contents-1...

  • Page 8

    One-Year Limited Hardware Warranty ........A-7 Hewlett-Packard Service Centers ........... A-11 Hewlett-Packard Service in the U.S........A-11 Hewlett-Packard Service Worldwide ........A-11 HP Sales and Service Offices ........... A-12 Configuring to HP-UX 10.0 Configuring to an HP-UX 10.0 Host .......... B-2 Safety and Regulatory Information FCC Radio Frequency Interference Statement (USA Only) ..

  • Page 9

    Figures Rear Panel Features ..............1-4 Proper Label Positions .............. 2-4 Write-Protect Button Location ..........2-5 Front Panel Features ..............3-2 Contents-3...

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  • Page 11

    Setting up the Optical Disk Drive...

  • Page 12: Setting Up The Hp Surestore Optical 2600fx

    Setting up the HP SureStore Optical 2600fx This chapter discusses the environment, hardware and procedures that are necessary to connect a 2600fx optical disk drive to the host computer: • preparing the environment • understanding the rear panel • setting up the optical disk drive address •...

  • Page 13: Preparing The Environment

    Preparing the Environment The following environmental factors will help ensure top performance of your optical disk drive. Clearance Requirements A minimum of 70-80 mm (3 in.) is required behind the rear panel and in front of the optical disk drive for air circulation. Location Requirements Position the drive away from sources of particulate contamination such as frequently-used doors and walkways, printers, stacks of supplies that collect...

  • Page 14: Rear Panel Features

    Rear Panel Features Identify the following rear panel features before you connect the optical disk drive to the host system. Figure 1-1: Rear Panel Features...

  • Page 15

    The following numbers correspond to the numbers in the drawing on the previous page. Operation mode switch Used to choose the operating mode. Refer to “Setting the Operation Mode” in this section. SCSI ID switch Used to set the SCSI ID. Power connector Connection for power cord.

  • Page 16: Setting The Scsi Id

    Setting the SCSI ID Follow these steps to set the SCSI ID. Caution Before disconnecting power to any device on the SCSI bus, make sure the bus is inactive. Switching off power while the SCSI bus is active can result in data loss or indeterminate bus states.

  • Page 17: Setting The Operation Mode

    • Select 0 to operate the optical disk drive as an optical memory device. • Select 1 to operate the optical disk drive as a direct access device. Hewlett-Packard recommends operating the optical disk drive as an optical memory device. The direct access mode can be used with systems that do not recognize optical memory devices.

  • Page 18: Connecting To The Host Computer

    Connecting to the Host Computer When you are ready to connect the optical disk drive to your host computer, note the following cautions. Then complete the steps below. Caution Perform a full system backup prior to connecting the optical disk drive to the host com- puter for full data protection.

  • Page 19

    Note For some host computers to recognize the optical disk drive, the power to the disk drive must be switched on before the power to the host computer. Install the drivers appropriate to your host system. ® If you are connecting the optical disk drive to an HP-UX 10.0 host, refer to Appendix B for configuration information.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    • the power switch located on the rear panel is ON • the software drivers are loaded properly If the above actions do not solve the problem, contact a service representative. Refer to Appendix A for a list of Hewlett-Packard offices. 1-10...

  • Page 21: Using Optical Disks

    Using Optical Disks...

  • Page 22

    • write-protecting an optical disk Note For top performance and reliability, Hewlett-Packard recommends HP-labeled optical disks that have been fully tested for use with HP’s optical products. Purchase these disks through any HP-authorized dealer, or order them through HP Direct. See “Supplies and...

  • Page 23: Choosing Optical Disks

    Choosing Optical Disks Optical disks are available in three capacities: 650 Mbytes, 1.3 Gbytes, and 2.6 Gbytes. The optical disk drive can read from and write to both 1.3 Gbyte disks and 2.6 Gbyte disks. The drive can read from, but not write to, 650 Mbyte disks. To receive maximum storage capacity, you should choose 2.6 Gbyte optical disks.

  • Page 24: Labeling Optical Disks

    Labeling Optical Disks Make it a practice to label your optical disks. Adhesive labels are provided with each disk. You can use the following labeling suggestions: • date of format or initialization • disk owner (group/department, etc.) • storage purpose (backup, old version of operating system, etc.) Apply the label to the optical disk in an area that does not interfere with the movement of the metal shutter.

  • Page 25: Write-protecting Optical Disks

    Write-Protecting Optical Disks Each side of an optical disk can be write-protected by sliding the write-protect button in the direction of the arrow on the disk. With rewritable optical disks, the use of the write protect button ensures data safety for files that have been previously written to the disk and prevents any additional files being written to the disk.

  • Page 26: Maintaining Optical Disks

    Maintaining Optical Disks Follow these guidelines to maintain your disk: • Do not expose the disk to extreme magnetic fields. • Do not expose the disk to dust particles. • Do not expose the disk to extreme temperatures or extreme humidity. •...

  • Page 27: Operating The Optical Disk Drive

    Operating the Optical Disk Drive...

  • Page 28

    Operating the Optical Disk Drive This chapter explains the features used to operate the optical disk drive. Figure 3-1: Front Panel Features...

  • Page 29: Identifying Front Panel Features

    Identifying Front Panel Features The following list of features corresponds to the numbers in Figure 3-1: Disk slot A slot for inserting optical disks Activity indicator Remains lit while the drive is loading or un- loading a disk during the powerup selftest se- quence, and any time the drive is being accessed.

  • Page 30: Manually Ejecting Disks

    Manually Ejecting Disks The optical disk drive does not automatically eject an optical disk if a power failure occurs. An eject tool is shipped with the optical disk drive to use for manually ejecting a disk. Follow these steps to manually remove a disk from the optical drive: Disconnect all power to the drive.

  • Page 31

    Supplies and Service...

  • Page 32: Service And Supplies

    Service and Supplies This section provides information on the following topics: • supplies and accessories • sales and service offices • warranty and service information...

  • Page 33: Supplies And Accessories

    Supplies and Accessories A full range of computer supplies may be ordered through a Hewlett-Packard authorized dealer or sales office, or by phoning or writing HP Direct. Call 800-752-0900 for the location of your nearest authorized Hewlett-Packard dealer. To contact a Hewlett-Packard sales representative, see “HP Sales and Service Offices”...

  • Page 34

    Item Part No. Source Optical Disk Cartridge (2.6-Gbyte) 92279F Rewritable (512 bytes/sector) Direct Optical Disk Cartridge (2.6-Gbyte) 92280F Rewritable (1,024 bytes/sector) Direct Optical Disk Cartridge (2.6-GByte) 92289F Write-Once (512 bytes/sector) Direct Optical Disk Cartridge (2.6-Gbyte) 92290F Write-Once (1,024 bytes/sector) Direct 0.5 m (1.6 ft) SCSI peripheral interface cable 92222A for HP-UX workstations...

  • Page 35: Warranty And Service Information

    Warranty and Service Information Hewlett-Packard and its dealers stand behind the HP product you have purchased. Your best source of support may be your Hewlett-Packard dealer or Hewlett-Packard, depending on how your equipment was purchased. Upgraded services beyond the warranty coverage must be purchased from your Hewlett- Packard dealer or Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 36

    To get help from the Personal Peripherals Assist Line: If your dealer cannot answer all your questions and the information is not available to you through HP FIRST, you can call the Hewlett-Packard Personal Peripheral Assist Line, (208) 323-2551. This service is available from 7 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and from 7 AM to 4 PM Wednesdays.

  • Page 37: One-year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Hewlett-Packard will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective. Should Hewlett-Packard be unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable amount of time, the customer’s alternate remedy shall be a refund of the purchase price upon return of the product to Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 38

    Hewlett-Packard will pay for return shipment to the customer. Before you send your optical drive to a Hewlett-Packard Dealer Repair Center or a designated Hewlett-Packard Field Repair Center, insure the optical drive and follow the re-packing guidelines below.

  • Page 39

    Service Information Form When requesting service, please complete this form for the HP Field Repair Center or an authorized HP Dealer Repair Center. This form must be shipped with your equipment. Service cannot begin until we have this information. Be sure you have followed the repacking guidelines listed earlier in this section of the manual.

  • Page 40

    Maintenance Contract: number __________________________________ _____ VISA_____ MASTER CARD Credit Card Number _____________________________________________________ Expiration Date _________________________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________ Date _____________ Purchase order number:___________________ Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________ Phone __________________________ What needs to be done? Describe the conditions at the time of failure. (What were you doing when the failure occurred? What software were you running? Is the failure repeatable?) _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________...

  • Page 41: Hewlett-packard Service Centers

    Corvallis, Oregon 97330 (503) 757-2000 Hewlett-Packard Service Worldwide Hewlett-Packard products are sold and supported worldwide through Hewlett- Packard Sales and Service Offices and through dealers. There are more than 240 Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Offices worldwide. For information about where to have your optical drive serviced, call one of the following European Customer Support Center numbers first.

  • Page 42: Hp Sales And Service Offices

    HP Sales and Service Offices Country Address Telephone United States 4 Choke Cherry Road (301) 670- Hewlett-Packard (East- Rockville, MD 20850 4300 ern) Hewlett-Packard 5201 Tollview Drive (708) 255- (Midwest) Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 9800 Hewlett-Packard 5161 Lankershim Blvd. (818) 505-...

  • Page 43

    Country Address Telephone Monte Pelvoux No. 111 (52/5) 326- Latin America Hewlett-Packard Mexico, Fracc. Lomas de Virreyes 4000 S.A. S. A. de C.V. 11000 Distrito Federal, Mexico A-13...

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  • Page 45: Configuring To Hp-ux

    Configuring to HP-UX 10.0...

  • Page 46: Configuring To An Hp-ux 10.0 Host

    2. Download the required patch IDs from the following URL: If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, do the following steps: 1. To obtain the current list of patches needed for Hewlett-Packard optical products, send email to:

  • Page 47

    Configuring the Model 2600fx Use the System Administration Manager (SAM) to configure the 2600fx to an HP-UX 10.0 host system: 1. Log into your host system as superuser, then type 2. Highlight and select Disks and File Systems. 3. Highlight and select Disk Devices. 4.

  • Page 49

    Safety and Regulatory...

  • Page 50: Safety And Regulatory Information

    Safety and Regulatory Information This section contains important safety and regulatory information for the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, and Japan.

  • Page 51: Fcc Radio Frequency Interference Statement (usa Only

    Hewlett-Packard’s certification tests were conducted with HP shielded cables. Cables used with this device must be properly shielded to comply with the re- quirements of the FCC. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

  • Page 52: Manufacturer's Declaration Sound Emission

    Manufacturer’s Declaration Sound Emission This statement is provided to comply with the requirements of the German Sound Emission Directive, from 18 January 1991. • sound pressure Lp of > 70 dB(A) • at operator position • normal operation • according to ISO 7779:1988/EN 27779:1991 (type test) Herstellerbescheinigung Diese Information steht im Zusammenhang mit den Anforderungen der Maschinenlärm information sverordnung vom 18 Januar 1991.

  • Page 53: European Declaration Of Conformity

    European Declaration of Conformity...

  • Page 54: Laserturvallisuus

    Turvallisuusyhteenveto Laserturvallisuus LUOKAN 1 LASERLAITE KLASS 1 LASER APPARAT HP Model 2600fx-levymuistiasema on käyttäjän kannalta turvallinen luokan 1 laserlaite. Normaalissa käytössä levymuistiaseman kotelointi estää lasersäteen pääsyn laitteen ulkopuolelle. Laitteen turvallisuusluokka on määritetty standardin EN 60825 mukaisesti. VAROITUS ! Laitteen käyttäminen muulla kuin käyttöohjeessa mainitulla tavalla saattaa altistaa käyttäjän turvallisuusluokan 1 ylittävälle lasersäteilylle.

  • Page 55: English Translation Of Finland Regulatory Information

    VARO ! Mikäli luku-/kirjoitusyksikön suojakotelo avataan ja suojalukitus ohitetaan, olet alttiina lasersäteilylle laitteen ollessa toiminnassa. Älä katso säteeseen. VARNING ! Om skyddshöljet av den optiska drivmodulen öppnas och spärren urkopplas då apparaten är i funktion, utsättas användaren för laserstrålning. Betrakta ej strålen. Tiedot luku-/kirjoitusyksikössä...

  • Page 56

    SERVICE There are no user serviceable parts inside the optical disk drive. The optical disk drive can be serviced only by qualified service personnel. The optical drive mechanism shall not be opened or disassembled during service. WARNING ! If the enclosure of the optical drive mechanism is opened and the safety interlock disabled, you may be exposed to the laser radiation when the drive is operating.

  • Page 57: United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984

    United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984 The Hewlett-Packard 2600fx optical disk drive is approved under Approval Number NS/G/1234/J/100003 for indirect connection to Public Telecommunica- tion Systems within the United Kingdom.

  • Page 58: Japanese Vcci Statement

    Japanese VCCI Statement English Translation of Japanese VCCI Statement This equipment is in the 2nd Class category (information technology equipment to be used in a residential area or an adjacent area thereto) and conforms to the standards set by the Voluntary Control Council For Interference by Information Technology Equipment aimed at preventing radio interference in such residential area.

  • Page 59: Glossary


  • Page 60

    Glossary continuous composite A format that describes the physical, optical, and data format characteristics of a disk that complies with ISO DP 10089-2A. daisy chain A method of connecting devices in a serial manner which typically starts from the host. The last device in the chain must be terminated. device file The file associated with an I/O device.

  • Page 61

    optical disk A term synonymous with 5.25-inch magneto-optical disk. There are two types of optical disks: rewritable and write-once. read/write head A part of the disk drive assembly that uses a laser and a magnet to read and write data on the MO disk. rear panel The part of the optical drive that provides SCSI address selection buttons, SCSI and power connections, mode selection switch, on/off switch, and safety, part...

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  • Page 63


  • Page 64

    Index accessories address setting connecting to the host computer connectors power SCSI environmental requirements clearance location front panel features A-12 HP sales and service offices A-11 HP service centers optical disks choosing labeling maintenance of rewritable sector sizes Index-2...

  • Page 65

    write-once write-protecting A-2, A-3 ordering supplies and accessories rear panel features safety and regulatory information SCSI connectors SCSI ID A-11 service centers service guidelines service information form setting the operation mode supplies supplies, ordering switches SCSI ID warranty and service information warranty information Index-3...

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