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HP CD-Writer Plus


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    HP CD-Writer Plus...

  • Page 2: Laser Safety

    Laser Safety This unit employs a laser. Do not remove the cover or attempt to service this device due to the possibility of eye damage. CAUTION Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous laser radiation exposure. Contains: Class 1 Laser Product Innehåller: Klass 1 Laserapparat Sisältää: Luokan 1 Laserlaite...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    HP Customer Care by Phone ........24...

  • Page 4: Contents Of The Electronic User's Guide

    The guide is provided in HTML format and uses your web browser to display its contents. The User’s Guide provides information about: Starting and using CD-Writer software Sharing CDs CD care Troubleshooting Product specifications Warranty Software license agreements Regulatory information How to contact HP...

  • Page 5: Installation Notes

    Find the pairs of pins labeled Master, Slave, and Cable Select on the back of the CD-Writer Plus. Notice that one pair of pins has a small plastic cap or jumper. This jumper can be pulled off using your fingers, tweezers, or needlenose pliers, and placed on a different pair of pins to change the setting.

  • Page 6

    How to Set the CD-Writer Plus as Master or Slave NOTE: The appearance of the back of your drive may vary slightly from the illustrations. All installation steps are valid for your drive. Slave Check the back of the new drive and make sure the jumper is on the center location (Slave).

  • Page 7: How To Find The Ide Connectors

    If the Install Recommendation states that your CD-Writer Plus drive will share the data cable with another device (such as a CD-ROM drive), follow the cable already attached to the other device down to the circuit board in order to locate the IDE controller that you need.

  • Page 8

    How to Find the IDE Connectors You will see a variety of connectors inside your computer that look similar to the 40-pin connector, but have more or fewer pins. Find the connectors that are the correct size to fit the cable that came in the box with your drive.

  • Page 9: How To Connect The Ide Data Cable

    The Install Recommendation tells you whether there will be one or two devices connected to the IDE data cable. CAUTION: Do not attach the CD-Writer Plus drive to a sound board’s IDE controller. Most data cable connectors are keyed to fit only one way. If your connector is not keyed to fit only one way make sure the cable’s colored...

  • Page 10

    Yours may look different. PIN-1 could be on either side of the IDE connector. colored stripe on the data cable PIN-1 The cable’s colored edge is aligned with PIN-1 on the CD-Writer Plus drive. Colored stripe on the data cable...

  • Page 11

    The OPTIONAL data cable that came with the connector is not in use (center or end) on the CD-Writer Plus drive is only used if there is no data cable already installed in your computer cable already attached to the recommended (DO NOT swap connectors).

  • Page 12: How To Connect An Audio Cable

    When using a different audio cable, make sure the cable has the proper connectors that fit both your sound card and the CD-Writer’s Audio connector. The CD-Writer Plus requires an MPC-2 connector. Attach the connector to the drive as shown.

  • Page 13

    How to Connect an Audio Cable Next, connect the other end of the audio cable to the sound board inside your computer. Tips for connecting the audio cable to the sound board Identify the sound board. To identify the sound board look for microphone connectors on the back of your computer.

  • Page 14

    How to Connect an Audio Cable...

  • Page 15: About Making Cds

    Save work in progress such as presentations and documents Make weekly archives of files on your hard drive Transport files between the office and home if you have a CD-Writer Plus at each location, or have an external CD-Writer Plus to use on your computers...

  • Page 16: How Do I Make Cds That Can Be Read On Other Computers

    How do I Make CDs That Can be Read on Other Computers? How do I Make CDs That Can be Read on Other Computers? Use the Easy CD Creator (Data) software and CD-R discs when you want to create CDs you can share with other users, for example if you want to send the CD to your co-workers.

  • Page 17: Can I Avoid Swapping Audio Cds In And Out Of The Drive

    Out of the Drive? Making an audio CD may involve swapping CDs in and out of drives many times. For example, if you make the CD using your CD-Writer Plus as both the source and destination drive, you will need to swap CDs every time a new track is copied to the CD-Writer Plus drive.

  • Page 18

    Can I Use the New 80 Minute Audio CDs?

  • Page 19: Solving Installation Problems

    28. Things to Try First Try the following suggestions if your CD-Writer Plus drive does not appear under Windows Explorer once you have completed the installation. If the problem persists, see the Installation Troubleshooting section below.

  • Page 20

    Make sure the CD-Writer Plus drive is receiving power. Press the eject button to open and close the CD-Writer Plus' tray. If the tray opens and closes, the drive is receiving power. If the drive is not receiving power, check that a power cable is plugged into the rear of the drive.

  • Page 21

    If the device sharing the data cable with the CD-Writer Plus is set to Cable Select, its position on the data cable (middle or end) is very important.

  • Page 22

    Installation Troubleshooting...

  • Page 23: Customer Support

    HP products and services and can provide support under HP’s comprehensive menu of reseller services. If your reseller is not able to help, you can obtain support from HP directly. The list of telephone numbers begins on page 26.

  • Page 24: Hp Customer Care By Phone

    HP Customer Care by Phone HP Customer Care by Phone HP Customer Care will provide you with personal service to help you get the results you expect from your Hewlett-Packard CD-Writer solution. To contact your personal HP Customer Care consultant by telephone, call the number for your region listed under the section Telephone Numbers beginning on page 26.

  • Page 25

    The drive’s series number appears on the front of the new drive. Example: 7500 Series Drive firmware version Drive information, including firmware version, can be found by clicking on the Start menu on the taskbar, then selecting Programs, HP CD- Writer Plus, Utilities, and Diagnose. Select the drive and then click...

  • Page 26

    Example: Firmware: 1.0 Drive serial number The HP drive serial number appears on the underside of the tray as well as on the main label on the back of the drive. You can also obtain the drive serial number by clicking on the Start menu on the taskbar, then selecting Programs, HP CD-Writer Plus, Utilities, and Diagnose.

  • Page 27

    Other IDE devices Any devices attached to IDE controllers in your computer system, such as a CD-ROM drive, hard drive, tape drive, and so on. Example: HP Colorado IDE adapter board brand/model If you are using a paddle board to add another IDE controller to your computer system, check the manual that came with your IDE board.

  • Page 28: Telephone Numbers

    Literature and dealer referral... 970-635-1500 HP Customer Care ....970-635-1500 (Fee-based technical support. $2.50 US dollars per minute/$35 maximum)

  • Page 29: Returning A Drive

    Returning a Drive Sweden ......08 61 92 170 Switzerland (French/Italian/German). . . 08 48 80 11 11 Turkey (M-F, CET + 1hr) .

  • Page 30

    Returning a Drive Copyright © Hewlett-Packard Co. 1999 This information is subject to change without notice and is provided “as is” with no warranty. Helwett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with the use of this material.

  • Page 31

    English IDE HP CD-Writer 2000, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto 94304...

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