Installation - RCA WSP155 - Wireless Stereo Speaker User Manual

900mhz wireless speaker system
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Table of Contents
Channel selection control 1, 2, 3
DC power supply socket
Bass boost button
Auto scan button
Power on/off
and volume knob
Battery compartment
11:48 AM
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Audio input plug
Speaker Front
Speaker Back
DC IN power supply socket
Stereo Y adapter cable
(RCA/3.5 mm jack)
3.5 mm/6.35 mm jack adapter


1. Plug the supplied AC power adapter into an electrical outlet near
your audio source. Make sure it is the one for the transmitter
("DC 12.5V")—the two for the speakers are marked accordingly.
2. Connect the plug end of the power adapter to the DC jack located
on the back of the transmitter (see diagram). The green LED indicator
light on the top panel will glow when an active audio source is
detected. The LED indicates the unit is transmitting which indicates
the unit is receiving power.
3. Locate the audio input cord on the back of the transmitter. The
3.5 mm standard plug can be used to fit most headphone output
jacks in audio equipment. If you are connecting to the audio output
jacks from a TV, amplifier, etc. then plug the audio input cord into
the "Y" adapter that is provided to adapt standard RCA type audio
plugs for the audio source.
4. Turn on the audio source. The CHANNEL SELECTION CONTROL
is located on the back of the transmitter. Select the desired channel by
using the switch on the back of the transmitter. This channel can later
be switched to achieve optimal audio reception.
This speaker system has automatic ON/OFF control that automatically
turns the transmitter on if there is an audio signal detected and the
green LED light on the top of the transmitter will glow. Once the audio
source is switched off, the ON/OFF control will turn off power and
stop transmitting to the speakers and the green LED will be off (after a
4 minutes timeout period).
(3) AC power adapters
(1 for transmitter, and 1 each for the speakers)
Important: These power units are
intended to be correctly oriented in a
vertical or floor mount position.


Table of Contents

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