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RCA RP-9520 User Manual

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SIP 3 0 1997.



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  • Page 1 USER'S GUIDE RP-9520 ..,+._ ;vvv SIP 3 0 1997. RECEIVED AUDIO...
  • Page 2 RCA stereo system. I know that you want to use your stereo, not read about it, but you really need to read the first section, _First Things First," to learn how to hook it up;...
  • Page 3 Be sure to follow these instructions carefully; the system can be damaged Now that you've chosen a stereo location, it's time to hook WARNING: if speakers are improperly connected. it up. SPEAKERS Each speaker has its own connection terminals on the back of the system, so connect the wires from each speaker to oneset of terminals.
  • Page 4 POWER Power button Standby Indicator Ught Plug in the system and the standby indicator light comes on. The system can be operated either by using the remote control or by pressing the POWER button. Note that the power button is DIGITAL. POWER Press the POWER button on the system or the remote control to turn off the power and the standby indicator...
  • Page 5: Preset Featu Re

    AUTOMATIC PRESET FEATU RE This is a great feature that makes storing your presets a snap, it's just like your auto station programming on your VCR or TV. Press the TUNER/BAND button to place your unit in the tuner mode. Press and hold the TUNER/BAND for five seconds.
  • Page 6 Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open the Load & Play (At the Same Time CD compartment drawer. It's okay to open the CD drawer Place the CD(s) into the drawer. while a disc is playing in order to Press the DISC SELECT button to rotate the drawer load discs into the front tray locations.
  • Page 7 RECALLING EDITING PROGRAM You must be in Stop mode in order to recall and edit the PROGR_ program. / I\ TRACK I " Press the PROGRAM button to enter Program mode. I--I..I • The display shows first programmed track (04 in the example to the right). Track 04 is the 1st programmed track.
  • Page 8: Recording From Cd Player

    UNDERSTANDING THE BU'rFONS If you know what each button does, it's easy to figure out how to operate the tape decks. RECORD • -- Press to record from the radio, CDs, VIDEO 1, or VIDEO 2. You can only record on Deck 1.
  • Page 9 CLEANING THE EXTERIOR • Disconnect the system from AC power before cleaning the exterior of the system with a soft dust cloth. HANDLING COMPACT DISCS • Do not touch their signal surfaces. Hold by the edges, or by one edge and the hole. •...
  • Page 10 Recording on Cassette Tapes from a CD 13 Antenna, AM radio 3 Headphones 3 Remote Control 14 safety 3 Antenna, FM radio 3 battery installation 14 connecting 3 CD button 14 ATS (Auto Track Skip) 11 EQ PRESET button 14 Loading CDs 9 ATS Program MUTEbutton 14...