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Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 Getting Started Manual

Network scanner
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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ......................3 ■ About This Manual ....................3 ■ Opening Help ......................4 ■ Warning Indications Used in This Document ............4 ■ For Safe Use ......................4 ■ Precautions ......................6 ■ Disclaimer of Liability ....................6 ■ Regulatory Information ................... 6 ■...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction ■ About This Manual Thank you for purchasing the Network Scanner ScanSnap N1800. This easy-to-operate network scanner is used to scan Symbols Used in This Manual documents for further use. Besides warning indicators, the following symbols are Trademarks also used in this manual: Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either This symbol alerts operators to particularly important registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft...
  • Page 4: Opening Help

    ARNI N G Abbreviation Option Used Central Admin Scanner Central Admin Console In one of the following situations, immediately Console turn off the scanner, and disconnect the power cable from the AC outlet. Not doing so may Central Admin Scanner Central Admin Server cause a fire or electric shock.
  • Page 5 To avoid injuries, do not place the scanner in an Do not use any aerosol sprays or alcohol based area where small children may be able to reach. sprays to clean the scanner. Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter the inside of the scanner.
  • Page 6: Precautions

    Replacing Batteries When carrying the scanner outside while it is raining or snowing, pay special attention so the In order to retain data such as BIOS information, this scanner does not get wet. product has a battery (CMOS RAM battery) on board. When you perform cleaning, make sure that the ARNI N G Do not replace the battery yourself,...
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    ® ENERGY STAR Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is located. PFU Limited, a Fujitsu company, has Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV determined that this product meets the technician ®...
  • Page 8: Chapter 1 Before Using The Scanner

    Chapter 1 Before Using the Scanner Scanner 1.1 From Arrival through Operation The following shows the flow from scanner arrival through operation. This manual provides information about Steps 1 to 5 shown below. For information about Steps 6 to 9, refer to the manuals ADF paper chute downloaded in Step 5.
  • Page 9: Part Names

    1.3 Part Names This section explains names of the scanner parts. ■ Front view ADF paper chute Extension Side guides Top cover release catch Power button Scan button LCD touch panel Top cover Stacker ■ Rear view LAN connector Power connector Security cable slot...
  • Page 10: Chapter 2 Setting Up The Scanner

    Chapter 2 Setting up the Scanner Connect the AC cable to the AC adapter 2.1 Removing the Protective (collectively called "power cable"). Packaging Use only the AC adapter and AC cable provided with the scanner. The scanner comes with a protective foam sheet and protective card attached.
  • Page 11: Chapter 3 Configuring Scanner Basic Settings

    Chapter 3 Configuring Scanner Basic Settings You can select whether or not to display this window Do not move or shake the scanner AUTION again at the next start up. To display the window when it is turned on. again, for "Show this message at next start up?", This may damage components in select [Yes].
  • Page 12 Set the region/timezone. On the [Region / Timezone] window, select the region/timezone and whether to apply daylight saving time, and press the [Next] button. Set the scanner name. On the [Scanner Name] window, specify the scanner name and group or domain for joining the network, and press the [Next] button.
  • Page 13 Change the admin password. Set the DNS server. On the [Admin Password] window, specify the On the [DNS Server] window, set the IP address for administrator password, and press the [Next] button. the DNS server, and press the [Next] button. The default value for the [Current Password] is "password".
  • Page 14 Confirm the configured settings. On the settings confirmation window of the installation wizard, confirm the configured basic settings, and press the [OK] button. The wizard finishes and the login window appears. When the scanner name or domain name has been changed, the scanner is restarted. If you select [No] for [Show the Installation Wizard at next start up?], the [Installation Wizard] window does not appear immediately after the next...
  • Page 15: Chapter 4 Checking The Network Connection

    Chapter 4 Checking the Network Connection This section describes how to check the status of the Select [Network Settings] [Basic] [Ping]. network connection. The network connection can be checked by performing a ping test. Log in to the scanner with the user name and password of the administrator.
  • Page 16: Chapter 5 Downloading The Manual

    Chapter 5 Downloading the Manual For this scanner, the Operator's Guide (PDF), which Select a folder, and click the [Save] button. contains information about scanner settings, administration, and operations, is provided in addition with this manual. Read it when using the scanner. Use Adobe Reader (*) to view the Operator's Guide.
  • Page 17: Appendix A Troubleshooting

    Appendix A Troubleshooting [Ping statistics] shows Network Connection "Lost=N (1 to 99% loss)" Troubleshooting ■ Details ■ Checking Basic Network Operation Communication with the device specified as the ping target is unstable. with a Ping Test ■ Action The network connection may be checked by performing There may be a quality problem with the LAN cable.
  • Page 18 ■ Failure to Connect to a Server Another host or communication device Using Its IP Address is connected using the same IP address as the scanner. If a server cannot be connected to by using its IP address, or if a scanner does not respond to a ping test ■...
  • Page 19: Using Its Host Name Or Fqdn

    ■ Failure to Connect to a Server ■ Failure to Access the Scanner Using Its Host Name or FQDN Using a Web Browser, Admin Tool, or Central Admin Server If the scanner cannot connect to a server by specifying its host name or FQDN, or if a server does not respond If access is not possible when attempting to connect to to a ping test by specifying its host name or FQDN, try the scanner using a Web browser, the Admin Tool, or the...
  • Page 20 The URL of the target scanner is not The scanner is in standby mode. registered as a trusted site. ■ Action Press the power button to start the scanner. ■ Action Set the scanner URL as a trusted site for Internet A proxy server is being used.
  • Page 21 Power Troubleshooting Login Troubleshooting Scanner cannot be turned on. Cannot login with administrator password. ■ Check item Has the power button been pressed? ■ Check item Was the Caps Lock on when the password ■ Action was entered? Press the power button. ■...
  • Page 22: Copyright

    Copyright NetAdvantage 2007 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph are duplicated in all such forms and that any documentation, advertising materials, and other materials related to such Copyright©...