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Reviewing The Settings; Adjusting The Volume; Message Indicator; Setting The Security Code - GE AU 29878 User Manual

Digital answering machine
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Setting the security code

This setting allows you to change the security code used to access your answerer
from a remote location. The default setting is 123.
1. The unit announces, "Security code (the current code setting) To set security
code, press next... press set to continue."
2. To change the first security code number, press and release the [NEXT] or
[PREVIOUS] button until the desired setting is announced. The unit announces
all three numbers, but only the first number will change.
3. To store the first number, press and release the [STOP/SET] button. A short
tone is heard.
4. To change the second and third number, follow steps 2 and 3 above. After the
third number is stored, the unit announces all the stored settings.

Reviewing the settings

This function allows you to review the current time, rings to answer, and security
Press and release the [STOP/SET] button to start the review. The unit
announces the current settings.

Adjusting the Volume

Use the [VOLUME] + and – buttons to increase or decrease the volume. Three quick
beeps are heard when the minimum and maximum levels are reached.

Message Indicator

The Message Indicator lets you know the status of the unit.
Message indicator flashes continuously.
Message indicator flashes rapidly.
Message indicator is on and not
Message indicator is off.
New messages have been received;
press [PLAY /MEMO] to hear your
Memory is full. Erase one message.
No action required, unit is ready to
receive calls.
Answerer is off. Press [ON/OFF] to turn
unit on.



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